If you’re looking in your Google My Business dashboard and no longer seeing a call button, you’re not alone.  There have been several reports in the last few months of the call feature not showing up and this weekend the direct link to phone support stopped working all together (as of 9/5/2016 it’s back up). Here are the options that are currently available to contact Google My Business.


  • Click the 3 little lines at the top left corner of the Google My Business dashboard
    GMB Phone 1
  • Click where it says “support” and a box will pop up over on the right. Scroll down and you will see the “email” option (Note: you might also see a call option on here as well).GMB Phone 2
  • If you choose the “call me” option from under the “email” button, pay close attention to the disclaimer: Keep in mind: We’ll do our best to call you, but we still might email you if that’s the quickest way to give you help.
    GMB Phone Support
  • Also, here is a direct link to get to a similar page.


Social Media

(This is my preferred method)

Expect a response within 24-48 hours (Monday-Friday only)

Google My Business Forum

You can’t talk directly to a Googler on the forum but can get advice from the Top Contributors who have the ability to escalate issues if necessary.

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