Updated September 8, 2016 to include how to get the CID from MapMaker, Google Plus, and Google Maps for SAB

A fellow Google My Business Top Contributor provided me with a tip today on how to find the CID number of a business listing on Google Maps.

The CID number is good to know and document for any business because:

  • It helps you connect the different views (Maps, MapMaker etc) for a single listing
  • It helps you know if a listing somehow got a new record if something was merged.
  • If you had a duplicate listing that got merged or deleted, the CID number will allow you to pull up the edit history in MapMaker.


From Google Maps

Helmut Geissler & Hector (treebles) showed me today that if you have the business open in Google Maps:

  • Do a search in Google Maps for the business name and make sure it’s the only result that shows up.
  • Replace http:// with view-source: in the URL
  • Click CTRL+F and search the source code for “ludocid”
  • The CID will be the string of numbers after “ludocid\\u003d” and before #lrd

Example: If this is the code, the CID is in red. ON+L3Y+4V8\\u0026ludocid\\u003d18208190227674681406#lrd\\u003d0x882ace1b6df9d1db:0xfcb07c8a7b49d03e

From Google Maps for an SAB Listing (with hidden address)

  • Pull up the listing on Google Maps
  • It will be some super long URL like this:,-80.5823363,8z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x882ad2157062b6c3:0xe060d065957c4103!8m2!3d44.0591868!4d-79.4612559
  • You want to look for the super long set of characters that start with 0x (there are 2 of them and the second ends before the exclamation point). I highlighted one red and 1 blue in the above example.
  • The second of the 2 (the one in blue above) lists the CID in hexadecimal after the 0x (leave that off). In this example you’d be talking about e060d065957c4103
  • Throw that into a hexadecimal converter and you will have the CID number (In this example you should have ended up with 16168151796978303235)


From Google MapMaker

  • Go to MapMaker and search for the city the business is in
  • Once the map is zoomed in on the city, search for the name of the listing (business name)
  • When the listing shows up on the left panel, right click it and click “open in a new tab”.
  • The URL in your browser should now be something like this:
  • Right click on the page and click View Page Source
  • Search (CTRL+F) the page source for “CID” and you should see it (everything in between the quotation marks)
    CID MapMaker

From Google Plus

  • Open the listing on Google Plus
  • Put /map at the end of the Google Plus URL to get the classic view of Google Plus
  • Right click and select “View Page Source”.
  • Search (CTRL+F) the page source for “placeid” and you should see it (everything in between the quotation marks)


Once you have the CID number, you can get to all views:

  • MapMaker:
  • Maps:


Also, if you’re reading this and your head is spinning, you can always use this amazing tool by Pleper to make it easier!

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