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5 SEO Strategies for Family Lawyers

The legal industry is one of the most competitive markets to gain a foothold in. Lawyers tend to be incredibly savvy when it comes to marketing and online presence. This is as true for family lawyers as it is for other types of legal professionals such as personal injury or criminal defense.

We have spent many hours testing different SEO strategies in our efforts to earn tangible gains for our clients. Not all strategies yield impressive results, nor do all strategies work for all business types. For our client lawyers, we have had to get creative and think outside the box about how we can help them gain an edge against their competitors in the local SEO space. Below, we break down 5 of our top SEO strategies for family lawyers to help them see success in their market.

1. Setting Your Google Business Profile’s Primary Category


GBP Insights top seo strategies for family lawyers for gbp listings

It cannot be overemphasized how important it is to choose the correct primary category for your Google business profile. Logic would suggest that a family lawyer should use the category ‘family law attorney’ as their primary category for their Google business profile. We have, however, seen fantastic results by switching the primary category from ‘family law attorney’ to ‘divorce lawyer.’ This change saw an almost automatic boost in rankings for divorce terms without negatively impacting rankings for family law terms. When it comes to family law, divorce keywords drive the majority of traffic to those listings, since it is the service people are looking for most often, so those are the main keywords the listing should be optimized for.

2. The Power of Service Area Pages


The family law market isn’t as saturated as other industries such as dental when it comes to service and location pages. By creating service area pages, we have found a great way to gain visibility for our family law clients in areas where they do not have a physical office.

Some important steps to consider with this strategy:

  • When choosing the city/town/community to create a service area page for, make sure it’s in a state where you are licensed to practice law and that your office is close enough that it would be feasible that someone from that area would hire you.
  • If possible, include reviews from people you helped who live in that area. Also include driving directions from the community to your law office.
  • It is helpful to include content that discusses specific laws that the city has around family law/divorce.

This strategy can be particularly powerful if you create service area pages for smaller communities nearby to the urban center you work out of that may not have a family law practicing within the town limits. Since divorce keywords are what drive the majority of traffic to a family lawyer’s site and their Google business profile, this strategy is one of the few ways to continue to expand reach once a local market has been dominated.

3. Consider Consolidating Your Divorce Page With Your Homepage


As we have mentioned above, divorce terms are by far the most popular search keyword when it comes to the family law profession. We had a client whose divorce page was competing with his homepage for those coveted divorce keywords. This was causing cannibalization and ultimately hurting his SEO efforts. By consolidating the content from the divorce page and moving it over to the homepage, we ended up seeing a boost in organic ranking for their main targeted keyword without a negative impact. We have always found that it is better to work with Google than waster time fighting against them, and sometimes it is easier to make small changes on your site that help Google understand the relevance and importance of each page.


GBP Insights top seo strategies for family lawyers for gbp listings consolidation of pages for targeted keywords


It is important to note that this is not a one size fits all strategy and should be examined before implementation.

4. Don’t Underestimate The Use of Long-Tail Divorce Keywords


Because the majority of the traffic is coming from divorce keywords, it is important to see how you can utilize long-tail keywords that are targeting different types of divorce terms. For example: military divorce, men’s divorce, woman’s divorce, LGBTQ+ divorce, uncontested divorce, etc.

5. Create A Calculator Page


Through our search analysis for family law lawyers, we have found that calculator keyword terms see a lot of traffic. People are interested in getting a sense of what they can expect to pay for items like spousal support or child support. We have created a number of calculator pages for our client, and these pages are always the top source of organic traffic, and they also convert.


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