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I have to say, your help in the Denver area has paid off CONSIDERABLY! 931 website visits and 370…read more

I was referred to Sterling Sky by Marie Haynes and I have had fantastic experience! They have helped me…read more

Joy Hawkins is one of the most knowledgeable local search practitioners in the industry. She understands how to research,…read more

In the past 10 years we've worked with many SEO companies to improve our web presence, organic positioning, and…read more

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How to Get Zocdoc off Your Google Business Profile

A few weeks ago I was reviewing the knowledge panel (KP) of a dentist in NYC and discovered that…

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Is Google Looking for Diversity in Reviews? [Case Study]

It makes sense to think that Google shows the most recent review at the top of a business' profile,…

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How Much Does Review Recency Impact Google Local Pack Rankings [Case Study]

Everyone wants to know what the key is to ranking well on Google.  There are many theories about reviews…

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Does the Number of Google Reviews Impact Ranking? [Case Study]

It's the age-old question, will getting reviews help my Google listing rank higher?  We've heard it for years that…

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Does the Text of a Google Review Affect Map Pack Rankings?

Let's say you're a dentist and you want to rank for the term, "emergency dentist."  One would think that…

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Unauthorized Changes To Google Business Profile

Who Keeps Updating My Google Business Profile Listing?

Who keeps updating my Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) listing? In most cases, edits to your GBP…

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Timeline of local SEO changes in 2022

Google Business Profiles “Showing The World Cup” Attribute

Google Business Profiles now have an attribute businesses can add if they're showing World Cup Soccer

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Google Posts/Updates Adds Image Cropping Tool

Spotted by Claire Carlile - Google has added to the Google Business Profiles Google Posts or Updates section the ability…

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Google Business Reviews Going Missing After Suggested Edits

Google Business Profiles and business listings reviews are going missing, dropping out completely, again, but this time it seems to…

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New Identity Attribute in GBP: LGBTQ+ Owned

Joy spotted a new identity attribute in GBP for LGBTQ+ owned. This is different than the one that says LGBTQ+…

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New Google Business Profile Web Search Menu Now Rolling Out

Google is forcing more GBP managers into the New Merchant Experience (NMX) search-based interface.

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Third Party Appointment Services Hijacking Google Local Business Profile Panels

Colan noticed a set of ZocDoc calls to action hijacking the GBP for a dentist that does not have a…

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