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Dave DiGregorio

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Dave DiGregorio

VP, Business Development

Dave has been in the digital space for over 15 years now, dating back to high school, where he created his first website for a robotics class. As a hobby in college and shortly thereafter, he created and maintained various sports forums and blogs, before moving on to a professional role for an SEO agency.  Starting out as an Analyst doing reporting and link building, Dave worked his way up to the Senior SEO Specialist role, where he worked on the technical SEO for the agency’s corporate sites. Dave also worked at a local SEO company in Washington, NJ – Blue Streak Digital.

In May of 2019, Dave took his talents and passion for local SEO to Canada, and joined the Sterling Sky team. (Joy claims this to be her best hire of all-time) Joy’s Note: Dave wrote this, not me.

Dave is an active member in the ‘SEO Twitter’ community, talking all things technical and local SEO.  He is also a Google Local Guide and Google Trusted Tester, so his finger is always on the pulse of breaking news and strategies in the industry.

Dave’s non-official title is lead graphic designer, or at least it should be, given the amount of internal comments he makes about using the ‘best’ font (Monserrat), the use of drop shadows, dark mode, and other extremely important formatting matters.

When he’s not working, Dave enjoys spending time with the fam, grilling, playing hoops (has a sick jump shot), and collecting vintage sports memorabilia.


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