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Justin Mosebach

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Justin Mosebach

Justin Mosebach

Local Search Analyst & Account Manager

If you asked his mother-in-law what Justin does, she would say he sells the internet. While that may or may not be true, Justin has been an internet marketer since 2010 and a local SEO since 2012. He caught the internet marketing bug during a summer website building camp in the 1990s. Having worked at two digital marketing agencies as an SEO, strategist, and account manager, he gained experience with all aspects of SEO (on-page, technical, off-site, local SEO) across various industries.

He’s always looking for ways to help small businesses get more qualified leads from a highly-ranking website.

Justin is a husband and has one son, whom he calls his “favorite”. A Christian, Justin enjoys spending time with his family, volunteering at church, watching Philadelphia sports ball teams and Penn State football, and garnering eye-rolls from his puns (apologies in advance). He will cry if Google Search Console ever goes away.


  • Google Local Guide Level 8
  • Movie star. Played main character in a movie… seriously. Ignore the fact that it was a televised movie… about the Amish… that aired on PBS… when he was a baby… that he got $25 for. But hey, he’s technically a movie star. Now if IMDB would just give him the credit he deserves, that would be a killer backlink.


  • Bachelor of Science in Business (Concentration in Marketing) – Liberty University

Pet Peeves:

  • 2 (or more) spaces between sentences.
  • People who don’t understand that misuse of the Oxford comma can cost millions.
  • Lack of understanding of Reply vs Reply All.
  • West coast teams becoming part of the Big Ten.
  • Ohio State, Cowboys, Giants, Commanders, Braves, Mets, Nationals, Marlins.
  • Not letting me add more things to this list.

Favorite Pastime

  • Replying to spammy LinkedIn messages by only using the 3 auto-generated suggested replies.

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