The Expert’s Guide to Local SEO

If you are looking to gain more knowledge about Local SEO, this training manual is for you.  With over 200+ pages of content, this guide will show you how you can make the most of Local SEO and implement strategies that will help your business or clients’ businesses succeed.  In this manual, Joy unveils all of her secret tricks and tactics that she has developed over the years.  As someone who has worked at agencies for years, Joy knows how hard it is to keep staff up-to-date on all the latest tactics out there.  This manual was designed to do that.

Some of the things covered in the manual include:

  • How to get unfiltered if your listing has been filtered by Possum

  • How to deal with listings for practitioners who no longer work for your business.

  • What rules in the Google My Business guidelines are actually enforced and what you stand to lose by breaking them

  • How to get your edits to listings on Google Maps approved faster

  • How to deal with the different types of suspensions that happen in Google My Business.

  • Why using the address USPS suggests is a bad idea.

  • What you need to know about the recent local algorithm updates.