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SEO for Landscapers [Case Study] – Lawnsavers

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Lawnsavers Case Study

CASE STUDY – Lawnsavers

How Local SEO for Landscapers Catapulted This Lawn Care Service to Top Local Rankings


Lawnsavers is a top-rated lawn care service in Concord, Ontario, Canada. It’s a competitive market serviced by both the big brands & the smaller localized operators. 

As a service area business (SAB), Lawnsavers was first keen to expand the local visibility of its service offerings in adjacent cities & towns outside of its primary location of Concord.
Secondly, as a seasonal local business dealing with mother nature, Lawnsavers was looking for ways to maximize lead generation efforts during their busiest time of the year.
At Sterling Sky, we discussed an action plan with Lawnsavers that focused on the most impactful, foundational SEO elements first, then expanded in scope as we incrementally were able to both drive quantifiable results & identify additional opportunities to systematically increase visibility on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

landscaper SEO

At Sterling Sky, we execute a systematic thorough evaluation of our client’s presence to determine the root causes that are holding them back from reaching their desired audience and driving the level of business that they seek.

For Lawnsavers we were able to narrow down the following specific challenges – and overcome them:

landscaping SEO

  • Identifying & assigning conversion actions that drive real-world business
  • Expanding their service area visibility while consolidating a confusing & incongruent local search profile
  • Grabbing more market share for common keywords from local competition in their service areas 
  • Ranking for service areas outside of their city – developing a strategy to expand the visibility of lawn care services in those areas
  • Lack of backlinks and a larger online presence than just their website
  • SPAM – there’s always spam
  • Increasing phone calls & form submissions; acquiring leads to drive new business


The biggest challenge for Lawnsavers was finding a Local SEO company to effectively expand the presence of their specific lawn care offerings to surrounding cities, towns, & neighborhoods outside of their primary service area.

Sterling Sky was able to really take the time to learn both the locations and the types of services Lawnsavers wanted to expand, then focused their SEO work to help promote those services.

The tactics employed to carry out this winning landscaping SEO strategy enabled Lawnsavers to acquire more new business, embolden their local presence, and provide an expanded digital footprint compared to their competitors.

Following conversion attribution, the focus turned to creating & optimizing content around the core service page, location pages, & new seasonal Christmas lights installation service.

As a result, Lawnsavers has seen significant sustained growth in organic SERP visibility, a boost in Google Business Profile rankings, and an increase in the number of leads coming through their website – especially during the Holiday season.

    • From 17 conversions to 174 conversions via organic traffic

Lawn Service Local SEO Case Study Sterling Sky

    • From 122 leads to 516 leads in the month of November

Google Organic Leads Lawnsavers

    • Google Ads (PPC) conversions increased by 1,143% while Cost per conversion decreased by 89%

Google Ads Conversions Lawnsavers Local SEO Case Study

We employed a number of tested and trusted SEO strategies to help Lawnsavers meet & exceed its goals.

These tactics include, an improved GBP (GMB then) listing, review management, social media, and onsite content creation, but the local SEO tactics that produced the best measurable outcomes for Lawnsavers were:

SEO for landscapers

A systematic content creation & optimization plan was executed to improve the organic growth of the Lawnsavers website.

The content for service area pages centered on topics with high local search volume, like Lawn Care, Lawn Maintenance, Mosquito Control, & more. We focused on publishing that unique content relative to the top locations Lawnsavers wanted to target – outside of their primary service area.

At the same time, a sustained link-building strategy was deployed.
The link-building team here at Sterling Sky managed to get Lawnsavers quoted in a number of high-profile local & national media sources including; The Thornhill Liberal, Richmond Hill Liberal, Markham Economist & Sun, Vaughan Citizen, Scarborough Mirror, Mississauga News, North York Mirror, Oakville Beaver, Newmarket Era Banner, Aurora Era Banner, Ajax News, Pickering News, Etobicoke Guardian, Brampton Guardian, Whitby This Week, and a number of other valuable earned media links.

The positive impact these high-quality links had on both traffic and more importantly, conversions remain significant.
Service Area Pages Conversions Lawnsavers Local SEO Case Study

The significance of having high-quality, trustworthy websites linking back to their own site cannot be overemphasized.

The purpose of this link strategy was not just to build links for the sake of building links.
Instead, clear criteria were established for selecting the websites to target for these backlinks, with a strong emphasis on both the relevance and quality of the sites.

seo for landscaping company

Conversions were next, increasing them after we’ve already helped Lawnsavers identify and measure the desired actions & events on their site that drive business goals.

An integral part of this strategy centered around creating onsite content around cost and price keywords, and optimizing for top & best variations.

We created that content to highlight their positive word of mouth, in addition to being keyword rich to increase search results, while also improving conversion rate optimization by adding compelling calls to action & visual cues like buttons & icons.

In doing so we were able to see an overall improvement in the number of quality conversions Lawnsavers has received since enlisting Sterling Sky with expanding their local footprint and enhancing their digital identity.

Price Keywords

As a top-rated lawn care service in Concord, Ontario, Lawnsavers offered the usual services in the lawn & garden industry, but they also wanted to highlight other specialized services during their seasonal downtime.

Christmas Light installation services were primary on this list since these highly searched services represented an opportunity.

By adding the relevant categories to their GBP at those times of the year, and updating the website link to the relevant page, we were able to capitalize on those seasonal search trends to drive more new business.

Lawnsavers then developed a separate website to handle that new part of their business, with a new Google Business Profile.

By creating this new listing and linking to their new website we were able to target a completely different primary category than their primary lawn care listing year-round, and even expand the offerings to storage & take-down service.

The results of adding this listing and ranking for valuable keywords that they had otherwise not had a strong presence in, were significant. Lawnsavers was able to continually build that Holiday lighting portion of their business during what was traditionally the slow time of year for them.

These are just some of the results we saw from the new categories in GBP:

    • Christmas Shop
    • Landscape Lighting Designer

Christmas Lighting Categories GBP

Local SEO for Landscaping Companies – Strategies That Work

We’re proud to have Lawnsavers as our first-ever client here at Sterling Sky, and we know they are beyond thrilled with the results that they have seen over the last several years since signing on with Sterling Sky.

Our goal is always to get to know our clients. To take the time to understand their specific needs and desires and what they are hoping to accomplish out of their online presence.

Getting to know each of our clients on a deeper level allows us to come up with creative SEO strategies that will work for their unique circumstances.

If you are a business looking for help with your online presence don’t hesitate to contact us here at Sterling Sky.

For Landscaping SEO Contact Sterling Sky Inc.

At Sterling Sky, we specialize in providing assistance to local businesses, including landscapers, in optimizing their Google Business Profile, review strategy, and online presence on Google and other search engines. If you require guidance in landscaper SEO or SEO for landscapers, our team is here to support you.

We offer SEO audits, consulting, or monthly local SEO services. Contact our office today for more information.

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