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Case Study Minars Dermatology

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CASE STUDY –  Minars Dermatology


How Unique SEO Strategies Helped Give This Dermatology Clinic Glowing Results


When Minars Dermatology, a dermatologist located in Florida, approached Sterling Sky they were familiar with the world of SEO and search engine optimization strategies. They had already employed the services of multiple SEO companies but were disappointed with the results and lack of communication from these companies. Because of these previous negative experiences, here at Sterling Sky, we wanted to make sure we employed unique strategies carefully crafted specifically for Minars Dermatology. To help them reach their goals of increasing their number of new patients and improve their visibility for specific specialized services they offer.  


There are a number of factors that could be causing a client’s online presence to suffer. At Sterling Sky, we do a thorough evaluation of all facets of their presence to determine the root causes that are holding them back from reaching their desired audience and bringing in the level of business that they seek. For Minar’s Dermatology we were able to narrow down the following specific challenges:

  • Finding an SEO company that was completely transparent. One that would provide monthly reports that were super focused on their business goals instead of vanity metrics
  • Competition in their market for common keywords
  • Ranking for longtail keywords – They didn’t have a strategy to expand their presence for some of the niche specialties that they offer to their clients
  • Lack of backlinks and larger online presence than just their website
  • SPAM
  • GMB filtering their listing with old practitioner listings


When it came down to it, their biggest challenge was finding an SEO company that understood their business and how to highlight their unique offerings. Sterling Sky was able to really take the time to learn the types of services Minars Dermatology wanted to expand in and focused their SEO work to help promote those services, which has, in turn, brought more business to their office, strengthening their online presence and allowing them to take a stronger foothold over their competitors. 

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Since signing up with Sterling Sky, Minars Dermatology has seen a significant amount of growth in online visibility and in its number of patients.  They went from a daily average of:

        • 35 clicks onto their website from Google to 1350 daily clicks.

        • From 670 monthly leads to 1920 leads in a month. 

There were a number of tested and trusted SEO strategies we employed to help Minars Dermatology reach these incredible results, including an improved GMB listing, review management, and onsite content creation, but the SEO tactics that yielded the strongest outcomes for this particular client are as follows:

When it came to improving the organic growth of their site we decided to employ a strong link-building strategy. Reaching out to different respected media sources over the last year, our team has managed to get Minars Dermatology quoted in a number of high-profile online health and wellness resources including; The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, New York Magazine, NBC News, and a number of other valuable media links. The impact of these weighty links has been significant.

The results of having high-quality and highly-trusted websites pointing back to their own cannot be understated. Link building for link building’s sake was not the goal with this strategy. There were specific parameters set in place as to what sort of websites would be targeted for these backlinks. Where much importance was placed both on the relevance and quality of the site.

The next strategy we employed when trying to create tangible gains for Minars Dermatology was a focus on increasing conversions. A specific part of this strategy centered around creating onsite content that would prompt people to contact their office to set up appointments. By creating content that highlighted their positive reviews and reputation, was keyword rich to increase search results, and made use of easy-to-use CTA functions like ‘make an appointment now’ buttons we were able to see an overall improvement in the number of quality conversions Minars Dermatology has received since signing on with us. 

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As a top-rated dermatology clinic, this client had a number of specialized services that they wanted to highlight, such as their hair loss services and the doctor who provides these services. Because they are in the medical field we were able to take advantage of creating a practitioner listing on Google My Business for Dr. Miteva, their hair loss specialist.

By creating this listing and linking to her bio page on their website we were able to target a completely different primary category in Google My Business than their main listing.  The results of adding this listing were significant, allowing Minars Dermatology to rank for valuable keywords that they had otherwise not had a strong presence in.

These are just some of the results we saw from this effort:

SEO Strategies That Work

Minars Dermatology is thrilled with the results that they have seen over the last year and a half since signing on with Sterling Sky. Our goal is always to get to know our clients. To take the time to understand their specific needs and desires and what they are hoping to accomplish out of their online presence. Getting to know each of our clients on a deeper level allows us to come up with creative SEO strategies that will work for their unique circumstances. If you are a business looking for help with your online presence don’t hesitate to contact us here at Sterling Sky.

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