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What Business Types or Categories Don’t Have Access to Google My Business Posts?

Not all business types have the advantage of utilizing the Google My Business posts feature.   Usually, if a business type doesn’t have the ability to utilize Google Posts, it is because the industry is regulated.  The following Google My Business categories do not have the ability to utilize Google Posts:

  1. Adult Entertainment
  2. Camp
  3. Cannabis shop
  4. Casino
  5. Conference Center
  6. Gun Shop
  7. Hotel (all hotel categories)
  8. Vacation Rental
  9. Wine Store (and other alcohol-related categories)

There are also some categories that have a limited ability to utilize Google Posts.  These categories can use the “update” or “event” post type, but not offer posts.  Products are also missing for these categories inside Google My Business.   This also only happens if the listed categories are set as the primary category.  Their posts tab will look something like this:

instead of what normal businesses see which looks like this:

The categories that have this limited version of Google Posts are:

  1. Drug Store
  2. Medical Clinic
  3. Pharmacy
  4. Plastic Surgeon
  5. Skin Care Clinic

This list was compiled based on category names in the United States.  For other countries, these categories could vary.  Have you found any others that don’t have full access to Google Posts that we didn’t mention?   Tell us in the comments and I’ll keep the list updated.

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  1. That is interesting. I have a gun shop that has the ability to post. It is not the businesses primaty category.

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