How do I Contact Google My Business Support?

How do I Contact Google My Business?

Updated November 28, 2019

If you’re looking in your Google My Business dashboard and no longer seeing a call button, you’re not alone.  There were several reports back in 2016 of the call feature not showing up and then the direct link to phone support stopped working all together. Here are the options that are currently available to contact Google My Business.


Finding the email and phone support options in 2019 has remained fairly challenging. They are fairly buried within the support center. The majority of Google My Business phone support is handled from India although you will sometimes get US employees in Ann Arbor, MI.  The direct link to contact phone support is back and can be found here (Note: Google has been known to test different things that make this link not work).  You can also call the Google Ads phone number (1-866-2Google) and select the option for Google My Business.  You will need to have an Google Ads account number to get to that option. 

As of November 11, 2019, Google removed toll-free customer support numbers from the Google My Business homepage.

Here’s how to find the email/phone contact form from within your Google My Business Dashboard.

how to contact google my business

  • Select “Need More Help?”

how to contact google my business

  • You need to select “Access and Ownership” and then “Other Problem”
  • Once you do that you will be taken to a form that has the email and phone support options.

how to contact google my business


Social Media

(This is my preferred method)

Expect a response within 24-48 hours (Monday-Friday only). During times of heavy usage the Social team can become backlogged and response times can take a week or more.

Google My Business Forum

You can’t talk directly to a Googler on the forum but can get advice from the Product Experts who have the ability to escalate issues if necessary. The Google My Business Forum is peer-supported and managed primarily by a group of Product Experts that have the ability to escalate issues and cases to Google.  You can see a list of the current Product Experts here.  It’s best to post here if you want feedback on a particular issue, see something odd that you feel might be a bug, need clarification on a particular policy. For spam related issues you need to use the Redressal Form

Shortcuts to Different Support Forums

28 replies on "How do I Contact Google My Business?"

  1. Facebook since it started has been very reliable, just don’t expect an immediate reply, you post a question, they answer within x amount of time, you reply, etc, etc
    But issues do get fixed.

  2. Thanks for the article guys. We had a bunch of issues with old accounts not being updates while the passwords had been lost. Not an ideal situation. Fingers crossed Google can help us sort this out.

  3. Hi Guys,

    Given steps are very useful, buy in my Google My Business Dashboard, there is no any option Email/Call Us.

    My Local Business Listing fetch images from my website, that is not clearly visible to the visitors. I want to prevent this image and upload clear images in Local Business Listing.

    Please suggest me, how can I fix it?

    Nishi Chandra

    1. Thank you for the link!! I got to list all 4 case numbers regarding my Google My Business suspension problems in that message. I sent the message yesterday and my service was reinstated early today. Exactly 6 weeks after I sent in my reinstatement form. A week and a half after I was told my listing was going to be reinstated and nothing happened. And half a week after I offered (and did) send my business license and a photo of the office sign. I had moved my office and was told by Google reps that my suspension was because I made “too many edits on one day.”

      I feel for everyone going through this. The people at the call center in India are really nice and professional but they can’t do much to help.

  4. Hello,
    Been trying to get a verified by mail business website into the business listings for 6 weeks now and just keep seeing this message. I have tried multiple times to contact Google regarding this but no one seems able to help. Justy don’t quite understand what the hold up is or if it is ever going to be listed. Help. Anyone.

    Your business is verified. Listings may be reviewed for quality and can take up to 3 days to be published.

    1. Hey Don,

      Usually when listings get a pending message it’s because there is something about it that Google doesn’t trust. I’d suggest posting some details about it over at the Google My Business forum to see if one of the moderators there can give you some feedback around why Google might not want to publish it.

  5. There is some mismatch in the address while updating the details on on Google my business. Could you please advise whether my request has been taken and work is in progress on that as the status of my Google business is not updated

    1. Guddi,

      You’d need to reach out to Google to get that answer. The article above shows how to do that.

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