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Did Google Just Change the Policy for Solo Practitioners?

Update: Google re-added these guidelines a couple weeks later (April 1, 2016)

Local SEOs rejoiced the day Google came up with the rule for solo-practitioners that indicated locations with only one public-facing professional could combine the listing for the organization and the practitioner.

As of today, I noticed this section completely vanished from the Google My Business guidelines. It’s been completely removed. I’m trying to get a statement from Google on why.

Here is what it said before:

Solo Practicioners

Currently the page has absolutely no mention of solo practitioners or the fact that they should not have a separate page.

Multiple practicioners

I’m praying this is a fluke and Google didn’t actually mean to remove this. More listings is often never what any business owner wants or needs (not to mention it’s often a ranking killer).

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  1. Hi Joy – thank you for sharing. So for a real estate office, 350 agents and 3 or 4 of us who prospect Via SEO – do you suggest that each agents sub page has that : In the header

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