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Google Adds Feature for Stores Inside Shopping Malls

This is a feature I’ve been asking for a lot. You can now see if a store is located inside a mall when you search on Google.

You’ll see in the Knowledge Panel it shows the mall the store is located inside and when you click that, it takes you to the Knowledge Panel for the mall. I can imagine this is going to help Google have more accurate hours for all the dozens of stores located inside one mall that keep the same hours the mall has.
Located In Feature Google

It also shows up above the address in the regular 3-pack (and is clickable):Store Inside Mall

I asked Google what to do if a location doesn’t have this feature on it that should and they said you can get it by contacting GMB support.

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Joy Hawkins

Joy is the owner of the Local Search Forum, LocalU, and Sterling Sky, a Local SEO agency in Canada & the USA. She has been working in the industry since 2006, writes for publications such as Search Engine Land, and enjoys speaking regularly at marketing conferences such as MozCon, LocalU, Pubcon, SearchLove, and State of Search. You can find her on Twitter or volunteering as a Product Expert on the Google My Business Forum.

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  1. Hi Joy, do you know if there’s an easier way to get this than contacting GMB support? Not sure if any updates have been made since this post was published. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey Jennifer,

      It’s still a manual feature that only GMB has the ability to add so you do, unfortunately, have to contact them if it’s not there already.

  2. Hi Joy,

    I was wondering if there was a specific term that I need to use when requesting this feature. Seems rather self-explanatory, but I keep being told by GMB support to just add the “located in” mall / shopping center descriptor to address 1 field and they will pick it up from there and add it. I’ve not seen anything to support this fact and I don’t want my locations to go sideways, as a result of this misguided information. Any help you can provide on this would be incredibly insightful. Thanks!

    1. Hey Brian,

      I asked Google and they said the feature is called a relation. If you’re having trouble with support, I strongly suggest you use Twitter or Facebook support instead of phone support. It’s 100x better.

  3. Perfect! Thanks for the added information, Joy. I’ll give Twitter a try today and see if that gets me further then where I have gotten so far.

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