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Google Adds a New Email Newsletter for the Google Advertiser Forums

This month Google launched a brand new newsletter that got emailed out to all active, recent members of the Google Advertiser Community (forum).  This includes the AdWords forum, the Google My Business forum, the Google Analytics forum and the Google partners forum.

In the newsletter it featured:

  • A  helpful article written by one of the forum’s Top Contributors
  • An example thread that got activity this month that shows you how to set up an experiment in AdWords
  • Upcoming training events that Google is doing.
  • Which users on the forum were most active this month
  • A highlight of one of the Google experts (Top Contributors)

I was excited to be chosen as the first expert they chose to highlight in the first edition of the newsletter.  It is great to see Google making an effort to highlight the volunteers who spend hours of their time dedicated to helping users on the forums.  You can see a full copy of this month’s newsletter here.

How do I get the newsletter?

It automatically gets sent to the emails attached to the Google account of recent active users on the forum.  If you want to receive it you need to participate on Google’s Advertiser Community

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