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Google My Business Adds Maps View

Google My Business (GMB) has just released a new Maps View for the GMB dashboard which allows users to view all their locations on a map. To get to the view, you need to click the new “map” icon that shows up in the dashboard.GMB Maps View

This new view has 2 features that I particularly like.

First, you can finally see Street View inside the GMB dashboard which will help business owners know what will be displayed in their knowledge panel and confirm if they pinned the location correct.


StreetView GMB2

The second feature I like is when you start typing in the city of the location into the top search bar, the map automatically zooms in there and shows you which locations you have there. I can see this being a huge time-saver for big chains with tons of locations.

search maps view

Here is the Google Help Center article about the new feature.

3 replies on "Google My Business Adds Maps View"

  1. Joy thank you for sharing this. I too had noticed this addition. To be honest though, as impressive as it is, I don’t find much of a point behind it. While it is cool to see the street view, most of the times in the rural businesses I work with they’re covered by trees, or are on a road that the Google Car doesn’t photograph, in those cases, I find the normal entries more useful.

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