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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Google Business Profile Landing Pages

During LocalU virtual in November, I presented tips and tactics for creating local content that provides unique value to local audiences.  Arguably the most important page for a local business is the Google Business Profile (GBP) landing page. This page is how you can increase visibility in the map pack for your GBP listing(s). Many people wonder if the URL you link to in GBP impacts rankings in the local pack, and we confirmed that it indeed does.  So it goes without saying you need to optimize your GBP landing page to perform better in maps. The follow-up question many have is, how?

What Page on Your Site Do You Link Your Google Business Profile To?

For local businesses with one location, your GBP landing page may be the homepage. However, this is not always the case and it’s important to check by going into Google Search Console (GSC) and identifying the page that is getting traffic for the keyword you want to rank for in maps. The only caveat here is to make sure a search for the keyword you pick returns a map pack.  If it doesn’t pick another one.

The example below shows an HVAC company’s website that gets more organic traffic than the homepage for “air conditioning repair.”  If this company wanted to increase map rankings for “AC repair” searches, they might want to test pointing GBP traffic to that service page instead of the homepage.

What Page Should a Business With Multiple GBPs Link To?

For a multi-location business, you will need a dedicated city page or a city-specific service page for each GBP location. Make sure you are using UTMs to track your GBP traffic by location, this way you can see GBP vs. organic data in GSC.

You want to optimize your GBP landing page for the money keyword you want your GBP listing to rank for. If the city page your GBP is linking to is NOT ranking organically in that area for your money keyword you need to work on optimization until it is. Often we see websites where the homepage ranks above everything for city-specific searches. This is common but working on local organic rankings for your city pages will help rankings for your GBPs.

Below is an example of a personal injury lawyer with an office in Queens and an office in Staten Island.  At first, they were sending their Staten Island GBP traffic to their homepage, which was optimized for Queens. We switched the GBP link to a page targeting “personal injury lawyer Staten Island” and within the month we saw dramatic ranking increases for their Staten Island GBP.

What About Practitioner Listings?

Each GBP practitioner listing should have a primary category that is different from the main listing – we all know this. As you can imagine, you will want to have a different GBP landing page for these listings as well, optimized for a different keyword. This page can be an expert page for the practitioner, a service page, or sometimes a city page.

What Content Needs to be on a GBP Landing Page?

Make sure you mention all the different services you offer on your GBP landing page(s). If the service isn’t mentioned there, or somewhere else on your site, it will be hard for Google to understand what your GBP should show up for besides the main keyword you’re optimized for. Plus, adding these services to the GBP landing page can help these “website mentions” justifications show up (see below). 

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Elizabeth Rule

Elizabeth is an expert local SEO analyst who has been working in the industry since 2015. She has a passion for content creation and loves working with local businesses to develop their website’s authority and expertise through well written, helpful content As a Google Business Profile Product Expert she is also in the unique position to help businesses crack the code to gain valuable visibility in local search maps and help solve complex GBP issues. Recently, she was nominated as one of BrightLocal's Rising Stars of Local SEO 2023. She currently works as a Local SEO Analyst and Account Manager at Sterling Sky, a Local SEO Agency in Canada and the USA. She is also a faculty member and speaker at Local U SEO Conference.

This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. If you link to a service+city page from your GBP then mentioning all the different services doesn’t make any sense right?

    1. I would still mention all the services you offer on whatever page you are linking your GBP to, even if that page is dedicated to a specific services. You can add a small section on “other services we offer” and then link out to more detailed service pages. This way Google understands all the services you offer, and want to rank for, because the content is directly on the GBP landing page. You can even just list off all the services in a bulleted list if you do not want to write detailed content, just make sure to link to the relevent pages to give Gbot and users more context.

  2. I question what city the landing page should be optimized for if a business address is located say 20 minutes from the city they target. Often there is a “greater city area” that covers all the suburbs. Should their landing page be optimized for the suburb they reside in or the “greater city area”? For example, If my home page currently ranks for dallas plumber but my business address is 20 minutes from dallas, is it ok to link my GMB to the home page or should it link to the town that the business is actually located in? They may have a city page for their town but it has far less page rank than the home page.

    1. Dallas is a complicated area when it comes to map rankings because its so densely populated, and I find often times (especially in competitive industries) if you are not physically located IN Dallas its really hard, if not impossible, to rank a GBP in Dallas.

      That said, if your GBP is currently ranking IN Dallas, despite being 20 minutes outside, then I would probably make the homepage my GBP landing page. However, if your GBP is not ranking at all in Dallas, then perhaps the city specific landing page is best. It really depends on your goals and what you are already ranking for in maps and organically.

      For example, if your GBP is not ranking as well can I can be in the city your physically located in and the surrounding towns, then I would probably make that city page the GBP landing page because “owning your own backyard” in terms of map rankings is much more likely to happen then “owning” a major metropolitan city you’re not physically located in. You can always focus on ranking better organically for Dallas keywords with the homepage and other pages, and allow the GBP to rank in maps in and around where your business is physically located. If you want to rank in maps in Dallas, you may have to get an office there.

      Again, this all depends on whats actually happening ranking wise on maps, so make sure to use a rank tracking grid tool to fully understand what your local rankings are across your whole service area.

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