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Google Confirms Donating to Charities for Reviews is Against Guidelines

Recently I was in a Facebook group where a user posted this question:

“One of my clients is giving a donation to the charity they support with every review you leave, good bad or ugly. Is this paying for a review? I would say not. Sounds like genius to me I think I’ll start doing it myself.”

I wasn’t actually sure of the answer, so I reached out to Google to find out.

According to Google’s guidelines, it’s not okay to offer incentives for reviews:

Paying, incentivising or encouraging the posting of content that does not represent a genuine experience.

In this case, the person leaving the review isn’t technically receiving the incentive since the money is going to a charity, but Google confirmed it is still against the guidelines.  Although the user leaving the review technically isn’t getting the money, it can still lead to bias towards a positive review given the incentive of a donation.  Ultimately, Google doesn’t want the customer experience to be swayed either way.


P.S. I’ll be off pouting because I lost a bet to Colan about this.
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