March , 2018

Bug: User Contributions Disappeared

All reviews and Questions and Answers from users disappeared.  This is a known bug.

Changes to the Heatmap in GMB Insights

This update will better allow you to track which areas customers request all forms of directions from, at various zoom levels (post code, city, country). Direction requests from some post codes may appear as blank due to user privacy consideration but are included at the city level.


Core Algorithm Update

There was an algorithm update that we’re just calling the “March 9th algorithm update” that impacted both organic and local ranking.


Bug: Google My Business Insights Issue

According to Google: Due to a logging bug, you may see a drop for customer actions and direction requests for March 6-12th. The bug has been fixed but will not be able to backfill this data.

Google Introduces a Women-Led Attribute You Can Add To Your GMB Listing

Google has added a “Women-Led” attribute to GMB in honor of 

February , 2018

Q&A is Now Visible on a User’s Profile

Google has added a tab for Q&A to a user’s public profile on maps.  This is only visible on the Google Maps app.


Google Adds in Top Questions from Customers for GMB Messaging

We noticed Google now has quick common questions from customers in the Messaging feature in Google My Business.  I’m waiting for feedback from Google on how this feature works.

Google Starts Showing Ads in the 3-Pack More Often

Previously we were only able to trigger 3-pack ads when the person was searching really close (proximity) to the location.  Now, we’re able to see them for businesses that are nowhere near us.

Google Adds Mall Directories to Shopping Malls Local Knowledge Panels.

On mobile devices, Google is now showing a directory tab on the Knowledge Panel for shopping malls that lists the stores inside the mall.


Restaurants Can Now Add Menu Items Directly in GMB

Now, in addition to using the GMB API or 3P menu service, listing owners will be able to showcase their menu directly on their Google listing for consumers on mobile by adding their own structured menu using the GMB Info tab.


Add an Opening Date in Google My Business

Google starts prompting businesses to add the date their business opened via the Google My Business dashboard in search.

January , 2018

Google Updated the Review Filter

This is a trend several of the Google My Business Top Contributors observed based on several threads where users lost their reviews due to the review filter that ran later in the fall of 2017 and then got them all back at the same time in January 2018.  

Driving Direction Requests by Zip Code in Google My Business

It’s now possible to see where your users got driving direction requests from all the way down to the zip code level.  Previously it showed the name of the city.


Google Posts Now appear on Google My Business Websites

If you have created a Google Website via your Google My Business listing, your Google Posts now appear live in your website.


Yelp Allows you to Add Users to Manage Your Business Account

You can now add other users to your listing without sharing your owner login.  


Google Updates the Review Guidelines

Google changed the wording to clarified that both positive and negative reviews from an employee or competitor are against the guidelines (before it just said negative was).


Videos Come to Google My Business

The option to upload videos to a Google My Business listing showed up in the Google My Business dashboard.