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Stuck in Verification Limbo? What to Do If You Haven’t Received Your Google Business Profile Postcard Code

Are you having trouble receiving the verification postcard from your Google Business Profile?  Sometimes a listing will make you reverify if you make a change to it.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many business owners have faced the same issue, but there are solutions.

Request Another Postcard Verification

If it’s the first time you’ve requested a postcard, and it hasn’t arrived, request a second one. Sometimes, the postcard may have gotten lost in the mail or didn’t get delivered for some reason.

By requesting a second postcard, you increase your chances of receiving it.

However, if you’ve already requested multiple postcards and still haven’t received any of them, it’s time to take action.

Contact Google Business Profile Support

You need to contact Google Business Profile support about the verification issues.

Simply complete this support form and follow the instructions. It’s important to fill out the form accurately and provide as much information as possible to ensure a speedy resolution to your issue.

This form allows you to explain your situation and request help from Google.


  • Not receiving your Google Business Profile postcard verification code can be frustrating, but there are steps you can take to resolve the issue.
  • Request a second postcard if it’s your first time or contact Google via the form if you’ve had multiple postcards not arrive.

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Elizabeth Rule

Elizabeth is an expert local SEO analyst who has been working in the industry since 2015. She has a passion for content creation and loves working with local businesses to develop their website’s authority and expertise through well written, helpful content As a Google Business Profile Product Expert she is also in the unique position to help businesses crack the code to gain valuable visibility in local search maps and help solve complex GBP issues. Recently, she was nominated as one of BrightLocal's Rising Stars of Local SEO 2023. She currently works as a Local SEO Analyst and Account Manager at Sterling Sky, a Local SEO Agency in Canada and the USA. She is also a faculty member and speaker at Local U SEO Conference.

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  1. I would’ve thought the “verification limbo” is that in-between state labelled “processing” that profiles do actually get stuck into sometimes post verification… we have a client that’s been stuck like that for a whole month and French Support literally just told me everything is peachy and modification should appear in the next 24-48 hours… Yeah right. The truth is they won’t be appearing in a *year* unless I get rid of that status!

  2. Is anyone else having trouble with video verification not allowing videos to upload? Tried it with two different companies in the past week and same problem both times despite following instructions to a T

    1. I am seen others having similar verification issues that have posted about it on the GBP forum. You probably have to contact support about it. You should also post about this issue on the Local Search Forum and see if anyone else is experiencing a similar issues.

      Go here:

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