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How to Add & Remove Managers from Your Google Business Profile

If you are a business owner or a marketer who manages Google Business Profiles (GBP) you must know how to add and remove owners and managers of your GBP.

Before we dive into the instructions to add and remove listing managers, here are a few key concepts to be aware of.

  1. Only owners can add or remove users.
  2. Managers can remove themselves from a profile.
  3. Each person can have their own access and they don’t share sign-in info.
  4. Owners and managers have different levels of access to the profile

Adding Owners & Managersadd managers to GBP

Go to your Business Profile. Learn how to find your profile

  1. Click Menu and then Business Profile settings and then People and access.
  2. At the top left, click Add.
  3. Enter a name or email address.
  4. Under “Access,” choose Owner or Manager.
  5. Click Invite.


  1. Invitees will have the option to accept the invitation and immediately become users. When they accept the invitation, you’ll get a notification email. Users in the account can find the names and email addresses of the owners and managers.
  2. You can find all active users and people who are invited to become users. To cancel pending invitations, click X in the row.
  3. If you want to transfer ownership of your profile, you can learn how to transfer ownership of a profile.

Removing Owners & Managers

Go to your Business Profile.

  1. Click Menu and then Business Profile settings and then Managers
  2. Click the person you’d like to remove and then Remove person.

remove gbp manager

If you can’t click Remove X, it could mean that:

  • You’re trying to remove the primary owner from the profile. Transfer primary ownership to someone else, then remove the user from the profile. Learn how to transfer primary ownership.
  • You’re signed in as a manager. Only owners can remove other owners and managers.

If you remove a user, they’ll get an email notification. They can’t edit business information or take any administrative actions. But their past responses to reviews, posts, comments, and other actions will remain.

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Colan Nielsen

Colan started in the local SEO world back in 2010 and is also deemed a product expert by Google as a Top Contributor on the Google My Business Forum. He is a contributor to Moz’s famous Local Search Ranking Factors survey and is a former Google MapMaker Regional Lead. Read Colan's full bio here.

This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. Great info. We learned the hard way to make sure that you’re not removing the last user on a profile. The entire profile disappeared and was unrecoverable when we did.

  2. For accounts with many Google Business Profiles, is there an easy way to figure out (in bulk) which profiles have other managers/owners?

    1. As far as I know there is no way to view owner/manager info in bulk on individual listings, that data is not downloadable in Google’s “download businesses” feature. You need to go into each listing to check.

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