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How to Find the CID Number of a Google My Business Listing

Updated March 12, 2020

A CID number is kind of like an identification number for a specific business listing on Google Maps.  It is good to know because if Google ever created a new record for you or merged listings, you would know.  It also will allow you to get to different views of the listing (like coming from the Local Finder to Maps).

A fellow Google My Business Product Expert provided me with a tip on how to find the CID number of a business listing on Google Maps.

The CID number is good to know and document for any business because:

  • It helps you connect the different views (Maps, Local Finder, Search etc) for a single listing
  • It helps you know if a listing somehow got a new record if something was merged.

Using the GatherUp Chrome Extension

This is currently the quickest and most effective way to get a listings CID number. The best part about this method is that you can get the CID number from any view (Search and Local Finder). Another reason that this is a great method is that it automatically provides you with the CID number already inserted into a Google Maps URL.

  1. Install the GatherUp Chrome extension
  2. To get the CID number of a listing pull it up in Search or the Local Finder
  3. Select the GatherUp chrome extension
  4. You can now copy the Maps URL with the CID number in it 

Using the “Company Information in Google” Chrome Extension

Tom Waddington, a fellow Google Product Expert created a chrome extension that is another great option for grabbing a GMB’s maps cid URL. It is called Company Information in Google.

If you like testing things out and tinkering with Google here are a few more methods for you to test out.

From Google Maps

Helmut Geissler & Hector (treebles) showed me today that if you have the business open in Google Maps:

  • Do a search in Google Maps for the business name and make sure it’s the only result that shows up.
  • Replace http:// with view-source: in the URL
  • Click CTRL+F and search the source code for “ludocid”
  • The CID will be the string of numbers after “ludocid\\u003d” and before #lrd

Example: If this is the code, the CID is in red. ON+L3Y+4V8\\u0026ludocid\\u003d18208190227674681406#lrd\\u003d0x882ace1b6df9d1db:0xfcb07c8a7b49d03e

From Google Maps for an SAB Listing (with hidden address)

  • Pull up the listing on Google Maps
  • It will be some super long URL like this:,-80.5823363,8z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x882ad2157062b6c3:0xe060d065957c4103!8m2!3d44.0591868!4d-79.4612559
  • You want to look for the super long set of characters that start with 0x (there are 2 of them and the second ends before the exclamation point). I highlighted one red and 1 blue in the above example.
  • The second of the 2 (the one in blue above) lists the CID in hexadecimal after the 0x (leave that off). In this example you’d be talking about e060d065957c4103
  • Throw that into a hexadecimal converter and you will have the CID number (In this example you should have ended up with 16168151796978303235)


17 replies on "How to Find the CID Number of a Google My Business Listing"

  1. Your article was INCREDIBLY helpful! I’ve been looking for exactly this information for months. Thank you so much.

  2. How do you turn a CID into a placeid? I can’t find any documentation anywhere, I’m trying to use the places api, but there is no search field for cid.

  3. Hi there,

    There are two parts of the following string:

    First and second after “:”

    Second part is hex of CID , I got that, can anyone please tell me what is first part? I really need to decode that, thanks.
    I have CID and google place_id(e.g. ChIJART0faoFzkwRJyLS0gjq6Wg)
    Thanks in advance.

    1. The first part is the FID number. I’m not really sure what it’s significance is anymore without MapMaker

    2. @hamid

      I’m not 100% sure on this but lots of tests appear to back it up.
      The 1st part of the number appears to represent the initial pin placement on Maps

      If you look at listings when they are in a very close proximity to each other the number is very similar, if 2 businesses are in the same building the number can be exactly the same.

      If a business changes location (moves elsewhere) the number doesn’t change though.
      All the places near me range from 4870 to 4879 with my town being 4870.
      89c2 appears to be New York

      No idea if they do it my name or GEO though.

    1. Hey Mark,

      Google Plus pages don’t show the CID number at all. You need to pull up the listing on Google Maps and find it there.

  4. Joy/colan
    thanks for covering!
    Some minor notes
    1- Our tool generates place ID as well as part of the write a review string
    2- the tool also works from within Maps

  5. Awesome article. Some info in here are nowhere else on the web thanks. I am using the 5Star extension and it works great.

    Recently (as you probably noticed), on Maps, each listing has its cid displayed so it is now easy peasy to get it.
    Though, is there a way to get the link to post a review to a listing (hidden address) by having its cid ?

    I have a listing that uses a target anchor for a popular term and there is no query (I found none at least) that returns it in the serp (so I cannot use the extension). Also it has no address so I guess no placeID.

    1. Yep – that looks right. If you use the Chrome extension referenced in the article it will automate it for you which is easier.

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