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How to See the Address on a Hidden SAB Listing

July 19, 2016 – As reported in the comments, this method appears to no longer work.

 May 2, 2016: Updated to include the second way.  Huge thanks to Dino Basaldella at SEO West for the tip.

I’ve often heard business owners concerned about their address being listed on Google and Google likes to claim that it’s private when you select to hide your address.

Method 1 (Easiest):

  1. Pull up the listing for the business on Google Maps
  2. Click on the share button, and click the Embed Map tab and copy the code.
  3. Click on the directions icon inside the map that populates.
  4. This should open up a new tab with the full address (that’s supposed to be hidden) as the destination for driving directions.
    Hidden Address SAB
  5. The only downfall to this method is that if the map marker is off (inside GMB), the address you’ll see will be off (thanks to Tony Wang for pointing that out).  Also, if a business wanted to manipulate how their address showed up, they could just go into GMB and move the marker.

Method 2:

I accidentally discovered what might be a bug, but you can see what address the business is using (and hiding) if you submit an edit for the business in Google Maps. I added hours to this SAB whose address is hidden but the email I received from Google, thanking me for the edit, revealed the address!

10 replies on "How to See the Address on a Hidden SAB Listing"

    1. Hey Andrew,

      You’re right – I am not able to get any to work either at the moment. Maybe they finally fixed it.

  1. Does the address used to verity my SAB site matter any more? I want to be sure NAP is consistent everywhere, and I’ve deleted the current address (as it looks like the “hide address” option is no longer available). So does Google still have some address for me anywhere? If so, should I use that same one for other sites for citations. Obviously, whatever I use needs to be consistent everywhere, and I have not idea if Google now has any address, or what it is if they do.

    1. Where you rank is still based on the address you verified the listing with. I’d still suggest using that address on citations but I wouldn’t stress about NAP consistency – it doesn’t really matter much for ranking purposes.

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