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How to Tell How a Google Local Listing Became Unverified

Another Google MapMaker Regional Lead was talking with me about a page for a business that recently came unverified and vanished from the search results.

You can see that the Google+ page is unverified because it lost its verified checkmark and just left a G+ page but it’s not connected to Maps so it won’t rank in the 3-pack.
Unverified G+ page

Since this was a recent change I have the advantage of using Google’s cache to see what happened. Here’s the steps I took:

  • Search the URL on Google for the G+ page (
  • Hit the drop-down arrow beside it that says “cached”
  • This will bring up a blank-looking page. Right-click and hit “view page source”
  • Press CTRL+F and search for CID. It will be a long string of numbers and you want what comes in between the %3D and %
    Find CID number
  • Insert the CID into the MapMaker URL format and you’ll end up with
  • In MapMaker it will show you that this feature got deleted because someone marked it as a duplicate of another listing.
    Duplicate of Original
  • In order to be able to click on anything you must be logged in to Google. If I click on “view original” you can see the listing that it was marked a duplicate of.


As Linda Buquet pointed out on the forum, these are 2 different businesses. King David Laffa & Grill has a different phone number, a different website and, most importantly, a separate entrance that you can see on Street View.

King David

Looks like someone messed up here! Never a dull moment in the Local SEO world.

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  1. I’m not 100% convinced that the restaurant side by side is the exact reason the place was marked as a duplicate – especially considering the different name, website, and phone number. It seems very logical – but I wouldn’t say this is THE answer. What do you think?

  2. Hi Joy – thanks for your tip. When I tried this on my wife’s business google plus search I couldn’t find a CID string that looked remotely like you described when I looked at the page source. However, her business listing is in the 3-pack so I guess I shouldn’t worry too much.

    1. Cliff – if you want to post the URL to her G+ page I can see if it’s there. Is it a local page that’s connected to Google Maps? Those are the only ones that have CID numbers. Brand G+ pages don’t have them.

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