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How To Use Chat GPT to Optimize Your Content for Local Search

Are you using AI in your local SEO strategy yet? If not, here’s why you should.

ChatGPT Can Be Great For Localizing Content on Your Website Quickly

Simply paste existing content from your site into Chat GPT and ask it to optimize the content for a specific city and for the “near me” bucket of queries. It will naturally fit those keywords into the existing content.

We tried this with our About Us page. The process was simple and the results were impressive.

Check out how it went.

Paste this prompt into Chat GPT:

Optimize this for "near you" and "[location]": (paste existing content here)

Remember to use a well-written copy. The quality of your result will only be as good as whatever you put in.  AI is a great tool, but don’t try to take advantage of that by asking it to put lipstick on a pig. It won’t go well. 

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Erin Jones

Erin has been working in digital marketing since 2005 and has specialized in social media and brand reputation since 2010. Erin is passionate about community and loves assisting brands in finding their place in the social and local spaces.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Erin. Don’t you think there is a risk in google finding out this content is AI generated and you losing your rankings, or even getting deindexed?

    1. I think it is important to use AI as a tool to assist you, not as a “people replacer” -Could you run into problems if you utilize AI to write content that you copy and paste to a page? Absolutely. If you use it to create an outline and then put your brand’s voice and new information into that content I don’t foresee problems.
      AI gives you information already available. If you’re not adding additional information or perspective, all you’re doing is saying what has already been said (often, many times). I recommend always taking the time to add your unique voice and perspective to what you generate with AI.

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