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Optimizing Data Integrity: Integrating GA4 with Third-Party Booking Platforms

Should you hook up GA4 with a third-party booking platform?

Yes! If you don’t, you’ll have massive gaps in your data, and we all know, bad data leads to bad decisions.

This will allow you to not only track when users click from your website to the third-party platform but also let you know if they completed the form. First, you will need to enable cross-domain tracking between your website and the booking platform in GA4.

Now, go to Configure Tag Settings.

Click Configure your domains.

Enter all domains that should be included in the cross-domain tracking setup. Then hit save.

Then, you’ll want to ensure it’s working properly as some scripts or URL redirects may interfere with the tracking process. You’ll likely need to have someone with technical chops set this up for you.

Tada! You’re on your way to collecting all that great data!


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Erin Jones

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