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Meet the Team: 20 Questions with Krystal Prior – Digital PR Specialist

In an effort to learn more about our teammates and introduce our clients and readers to more of our team, we’ve decided to start a column called “20 questions with…” and feature a different teammate each month.  This month we’re starting with our newest hire, Krystal Prior!  Krystal is a Digital PR Specialist with Sterling Sky and is based in Ontario, Canada!

  1. How do you start your morning?
    I typically take my dog out for a walk, feed her breakfast, and then I make coffee!
  2. Where is the first place you will travel when we’re clear from COVID-related issues?
    Next on the list is Greece
  3. Do you have siblings? Older or Younger?
    I have 3 siblings, all younger. 2 brothers, and a sister.
  4. What’s your favorite ice cream? 
    I’m actually not the biggest fan of ice cream. I find it too cold on the teeth! However, I do like chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (but I usually just eat the cookie dough pieces haha)
  5. How did you get into Public Relations? Was it deliberate or an accident?
    It was an accident. I started out in sales, selling digital marketing to SMB’s. When an opportunity came my way to get into the PR side of digital marketing, I jumped on it! Now I can have a direct impact on the success of many businesses which is very rewarding.
  6. What’s your favorite game? (Sport, Board, Video, Card, whatever)
    I’m a basketball fan. Go Raptors!
  7. What’s the last book you read – do you recommend it?
    Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s interested in stories about signs from the other side.
  8. What’s your favorite charitable organization? Drop a link! – It’s a dog rescue in Toronto. Their goal is to find an adopter whose home, family and lifestyle are a perfect fit for a particular dog. I adopted my dog from them!
  9. Hepburn or Monroe?
  10. Dwayne Johnson or Ryan Reynolds?
    Ryan Reynolds
  11. Coffee or Tea?
    Definitely coffee
  12. What’s your favorite goto meal to cook (or order in?)
    I make a lot of soups. Even in the summer. If I’m ordering in it’s usually Pizza or Thai
  13. Cats or Dogs?
    I love all animals but I’m definitely a dog person
  14. Favorite motivational music?
    I like a good summer jazz playlist
  15. What’s 1 thing every local business owner can do RIGHT NOW to help move their marketing in a positive direction?
    Get a backlink!
  16. If you could go back to high school, would you?
    Maybe for a little while, just to enjoy being young and free with limited responsibility
  17. Do you have a green thumb?
    I think so. I have a lot of houseplants (and continue to add to the collection). I enjoy spending time watering my plants haha. I’m also growing 7 different types of hot peppers on my rooftop patio. I’ll be making lots of hot sauce this year.
  18. Country living or City Living?
    Tough one! I live in the city and I enjoy being close to shops and restaurants. But I do love the peacefulness of the country so there’s a chance country living could be in my future.
  19. What’s your favorite fruit?
    Bananas or any type of berry
  20. What’s your favorite thing about working at Sterling Sky?
    The team! Everyone is really smart and cares about doing great work for our clients. At the same time, everyone likes to have fun and joke around. It’s a very positive and enjoyable working experience 🙂

Come back next month to “meet”….. Brian Barwig!

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