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When Can Service-Based Businesses Have Multiple Google My Business Listings?

One of the most common reasons for Google My Business listings getting suspended is the fact that the address being used is not eligible for a listing according to the Google My Business Guidelines.  For many industries like car dealers, retail, retaurants and hotels, it’s very clear that you’d only have a listing for your stores because customers have to show up to your location to get the product/service they need.  Where this gets murky is when you have a business that offers professional services (like lawyers or insurance agents) or home services (like locksmiths or garage door companies) and don’t require the customer to come to them.  

In cases like this, businesses often want to have “multiple locations” so that they can reap the benefit of ranking in multiple zip codes & cities.  I have seen many attempts over the last decade where people try to argue different incorrect interpretations of the Google My Business Guidelines.  I decided to write this article to help clarify some of the most common misinterpretations I run across.


If I’m a home-based company, can I have multiple listings?

In most cases, no.  If you work mainly from your house or you don’t have an office, you would be considered a home-based business and should use your home address in your Google My Business listing.  Google has the option for you to hide the address (this is the default when you don’t check the box indicating customers also come to your location) so you won’t have to worry about your home address showing up publicly on your listing.  

The exception to this rule would be businesses that operate separately in different states.  Let’s say you own a photography company but you have photographers in different states that go visit customers.  In this situation, you’d be allowed one listing per state. For California and Texas, you might be permitted more than 1 due to the states being so geographically large.


Can I set up listings using employees’ home addresses?

No.  Employees are not owners and might not always work for your company.  Creating listings for an address that you don’t have the authority to represent (you don’t own your employees’ homes) is against the Google My Business guidelines.  When I did a poll on this earlier this year, the majority of people understood this guideline correctly. 


What if I started as a home-based company but then opened an office?

In this case you would still be allowed 1 listing but it should be your office location.  The listing for your home address would no longer be valid. In cases like this I would recommend simply updating the address on the existing listing.  


Why are franchises allowed multiple home-based listings?

There are many popular franchises in the home service space that have listings for several home-based locations in the same state.  A couple that come to mind would be Servpro or Pop-A-Lock. Why franchises are allowed multiple home-based listings is often because the different “locations” have different owners and are independently set up.  For example, you cannot call one location to get help for a project the other location did for you. They are often also independently licensed and have unique entries when you look them up with the Secretary of State.  

In these cases we normally find that the service areas for each location do not overlap.


What qualifies as a “staffed office”?

Google is pretty clear about their policy about virtual offices not being allowed but businesses still continually claim that they are staffed and should be allowed.  The biggest misconception is that the staff needs to be your own, not some service you hired.  For example, if you pay $150/month to get a virtual office service that gets you a receptionist at the front desk to respond to any inquiries, this does not qualify.  That receptionist is not employed by you (you don’t pay her taxes) and offers this same virtual service to many other businesses. The only time a virtual office address would be permitted would be if you could prove you had an employee there all day (during your stated hours). This is almost impossible to prove which is why I rarely see virtual offices reinstated once they have been suspended.  My advice would be to avoid them.


But I heard that I could have multiple listings using residential addresses provided the service areas don’t overlap?

I have heard this as well, it’s incorrect.


How are you so certain you are interpreting the guidelines correctly?

The Google My Business guidelines do not spell out every possible case or scenario.  I am extremely confident in my interpretation of them due to the fact that I spend countless hours every week as a volunteer over at the Google My Business Forum as a part of the Google Product Expert group.  At the time of writing this, I’ve read over 78,000 messages there and have authored more than 5,700 replies to various threads (the majority of which are policy/spam violation related).  I’m not saying this to brag but rather to explain that the outcome of watching Google make decisions on this many different, unrelated cases is that I get a very good idea of exactly what types of things Google is and isn’t okay with.  


Have a question about multiple listings that I didn’t address?  Please ask me in the comments.

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  1. We have two locations, 50 miles apart, having two locations has not been an issue, that I know of. Both are staffed with multiple employees, HVAC Contractor. Should I be concerned? Can I open more like this? Where don I report competitors that are in violation? Thanks, Dave

  2. Hi Joy,

    I have a client who employs insurance agents as independent contractors. In trying to wrangle their listings in the past, we have ultimately left it up to the agents to create and manage their own listings. In this case, these people typically use their home as the office address and then toggle GMB to signify they service clients outside the place of business.

    How would you approach this scenario? Do I suggest that they stave off using GMB altogether to comply, and use the one singular HQ address? Or is independent representation of you’re own local business out of your home still “white hat”?

    1. Hey Ryan,

      If the insurance agents are client-facing (like realtors) and are individually licensed, they likely qualify for practitioner listings. I spoke to Google and they’d be okay with the insurance agents using their home address (if that’s their preference) provided they actually meet up with clients in person. There is a fine line between employees and practitioners. In a typical insurance office you only have a few agents but tons of other employees. The other caveat here is that the agents themselves would need to be the owners of their listings. The would hold the ultimate rights to the listings, not the company that hires them. Google always views practitioner listings this way. If a dentist goes and works for a new dental practice, his listing belongs to him, not the business he just left. In your case, the listings would have to be set up by the insurance agents, especially if they are using private info (home addresses) on them.

      1. Charlie,

        If you remove them from your Google My Business account they will become unverified. Then you can contact GMB support to actually remove the listings from Maps or you can use “suggest an edit” on the listing to report it as “Doesn’t Exist”.

  3. Hi Joy,

    I wanted to get your take on department listings in relation to attorneys- occasionally we have clients that want to set up a second website for a different practice area than their main site but they only have one location. Is it okay to set up a second listing for the same business at the same location if the categories are different (one site is family law and the other is personal injury, etc.)? Does this fall under department listings since each listing is targeting a different search term or is Google still going to view it as a duplicate because it’s technically the same law firm at the same address? Does the firm choosing slightly different names helpful or making it worse (i.e. Smith Personal Injury Firm Vs. Smith Family Law Firm), assuming both names are consistent with branding on their respective websites and other entities?

    1. These would be practitioner listings (not department listings) and lawyers are definitely eligible for practitioner listings. I’d advise NOT using the name of the firm in their business name to keep the individual attorneys from ranking for the branded terms. Also, I advise not overlapping categories if possible.

  4. Thank you! To follow up, I think in general when this scenario comes up, the client is expecting to get a second set of listings “as the firm”, not as a practitioner because they want the firm as a whole represented on the second listing, so it sounds like we should be telling them if they have a second website and want a second listing, their only valid option is a practitioner listing, correct? We generally avoid those if we can, but if that’s the only GMB-compliant option then sounds like we should go for that instead of trying for a department listing.
    What if there is only one attorney at the firm and therefore isn’t eligible for a practitioner listing but still has that second site for a different category? Out of luck?

    1. No the law firm is not allowed 2 listings. The practitioner listings also “belong” to the attorneys, not the law firm so that’s something you have to keep in mind. If that attorney leaves the firm, they own the rights to the listing, not the firm. Technically a solo-practitioner CAN have his own listing, it’s just not advised.

  5. Hi Joy , what about different companies on the same address with the same businessowner. With only one entrance .
    Are they allowed to have different listings ? Or is this shop in shop ? Many thanks Jeanot

    1. They might be able to have different listings. Depends on if the businesses are actually independently registered and if they have proper signs.

      1. I have a Villa Hotel & a Bar & Hookah Lounge, 2 Different Businesses, 2 websites, 2 différent names, 2 different LLC & DBA
        1 Owner, 1 Main Phone # 1 Address
        But 2 different entrances, Google suspended my hookah bar listing, Call, got instructions to change it, was told 24/48 hours it would be re-activated, called back 5 days later, was asked to send emails of signs, 2 diferent entrances, different Brochures, different products & services, spent 1/3 of day dealing with google again, same answer, 24 to 48 hours, i called again 3 more times every 7 days, it has been 5 weeks, now google says they investigates my business & it could get weeks before they re-activate my Hookah Lounge, i Can not post my Menu, i can not post my service photos, i can not post my specials,
        But at the Same time, google accepts my advertising $$$$ for my Hookah Bar, i even got propected physically by a 360 Google Photographer who told me if I sign up for $499 360 virtual Tour for my Hookah Bar, he will get my Listing re-activate in a Blink.
        I felt it s Extorsion & Black Mail of Small Businesses, i am so upset Google suspended my Hookah Bar Listing just in beginning of Summer, my pick season for Students on the beach 18 & over who wants to try Hookah.
        What Should I do? Can I sue Google for Damages for Lost of Business & Extorsion as Google Photographer offered me to pay $499 to get 360 virtual tour to get my Listing re-activate?

  6. Hi Joy,
    I see many examples where a brand name sets up a GMB listing within a department store.
    This seems spammy to me – is it within the guidelines?

    I also see hotels (pubs AND accommodation style ones), who have separate listings for their restaurant, their gym and their betting facilities, is this ‘legal’?

    Thanks, Michele

  7. Pull up the listing on Google Maps and click to suggest an edit and then select the option for “Doesn’t Exist”.

  8. hello

    a client runs a carpentry business . One address, one company. Thing is, he has 2 completly different activities.

    he is fixing wooden furnitures like tables, chairs etc … activity for which he is known regionnaly. He has a website using its own name. clients are locals , he s offering this service 50km around .

    he is also building tiny houses that sell country wide and abroad. Activity that has its own brand and website. clients come to the factory once and owner delivers tiny house up to 600 kilometers away.

    thoses are 2 completly different businesses within one small company, with totally different sproducts and services.

    i am hesitating in creating 2 listings . it would make sense to have 2 for me.

    i d love to have your opinion on this

    1. You definitely aren’t allowed 2 since it’s the same company but just different services. I’d create a listing for the local one. It doesn’t really make sense for a nation-wide business to use Google My Business because the listing only ranks locally so people 100km from him aren’t going to see it anyway.

  9. I have an address that uses a suite #. Full disclosure: it is a co-working space that I work at 40 hours a week (full time). I recieve freight and mail at this address. Can I use this as my Google My business address?

    1. The business name doesn’t really matter – you’re supposed to use the proper name that your customers would be seeing on invoices and on your branding. The second location is allowed provided it meets all the guidelines I outlined in this article.

  10. Joy,

    I have a GMB listing , we had it for almost 8 years, we’ve made changes to it over the years, like a name change was done in 2016. Just before Christmas last year it was suspended. We have mage several attempts to contact GMB and have made all the changes they suggest and even recently apples for an appeal only to be denied. We have ove 50 5 star reviews and would love it know what to do to get that page reinstated. Any advice you can offer?

  11. Hi Joy, I am a mobile locksmith company and hired a company who set up my GMB a few years ago and used 5 locations for the towns I service. It was fine for years and I never gave it a thought. About 5 months ago all my listings were suspended. I appealed and the only response I got back was your business is not eligible to be on GMB. I called the company who set this up and they told me that google changed their policy and I need to work it out with Google. They no longer manage my site or my GMB for obvious reasons . I can log into my account and was wondering if I delete the 4 locations and just use my home address will Google reinstate my listing or am I banned for life? There are so many fake locksmiths on GMB using fake address and I have taken picture to show empty fields or UPS store that these companies are using and reported them to Google and the response I got back was there’s not enough evidence to remove the listing. It’s very frustrating for a ligament locksmith company to compete with these fake companies! I also sign up for the new service local guarantee and did Googles advance verification and passed and my ad was up and running for 7 weeks. Last week Google suspended that and said I didn’t pass their advance verification for being fraudulent, misleading or they’re having a hard time identifying me but for 7 weeks I was fine. I again appealed and it was rejected with no reason given and I have tried calling and emailing and no one will return my calls or emails. I have read that hundreds of locksmith in the USA are going through the same thing and have filed a class action lawsuit. very unfair we’re being punished for all the fake companies that Google let run wild on their platforms for so long!

    1. That sounds very frustrating. I would definitely remove all the locations from your account except the one that is at your home address and then file for reinstatement.

  12. I files for reinstatement after removing all duplicate location and this is the reply I got back.


    Thank you for contacting Google My Business team.

    We’ve looked at your account and it looks like your business is not eligible to display on Google Maps per our quality guidelines. Check out our guidelines for representing your business on Google to see what types of businesses are eligible to be on Google Maps.

    If you have any further questions please consult the Google My Business Help Center.

    I have read their guidelines and policies over and over again and don’t see where I violate anything.

  13. Hey Joy, do you have any idea how “lead generators “ create more then 150 funny listings in my area? Same phone number same name varetion , I reported them as you advise in your other article but most was denied, i did submit a report to the gmb Facebook, but when google removed them a few more were created same time, what is the solution for that?

    1. Hey Loti,

      I know what you are referring to and this isn’t the first time a lead gen company has found loopholes that allow them to create these listings at scale. For now my advice is to continue to report them. Over time as Google gets enough reports, they will learn the patterns and fix the loopholes but I know it won’t happen overnight. I’d continue sending them via Facebook and submit them in bulk all on one spreadsheet so they can see the volume.

  14. This reply is for Gordon- you are probably now suspended at the account level so your page will not get reinstate ever, unless you will contact google- try true Facebook and they will ask you for new email address to transfer your main page to, its happened to me two years ago- same situation and that what i was asked to do, i needed to delete the “fake” accounts also, and google forward my main page and reinstate it to anew gmail account, contact them true Facebook- they will help

  15. Hi Joy, awesome article. I posted a question on the Google community regarding multiple GMB listings for Franchise SABs and your article answers this perfectly. Thanks so much!

  16. Hi , my husband has a small part time drum business and also has a handyman business …the drum business is set up in google ….how do I do another business offering different service ? Should I just offer all his services for drum teaching and handyman work on same page?

    1. If they are in fact 2 different businesses (not one business that’s opening a new section or offering a new service), they are each allowed 1 listing so you should set up a new listing for the new business.

  17. This has been a major pain for me. I leased a year long rental at REGUS. I actually have a private office space not just a virtual office. I’ve been trying to add but no postcards are coming. Multiple other businesses are currently doing it in violation.

    My questions is should i just change my business to a service area business vs location?? I have no google listing now. This sucks because I do have a full time employee. I take walk in business and meet owners, I’m a property manager.

    Any recommendations on what to do???

    1. I would suggest setting up your listing as a service area business and using your home address instead.

  18. Hi Joy Hawkins,

    I have a question , please help me understand this :
    In addition to the business listing of the real estate business, could each of the real estate agents also have a Google My Business listing using the same address?

  19. Hi Joy—

    Say I am graphic designer in Denver and have SEO organic rank first page and GMB first. I want to start another graphic design practice in NYC. I will travel there for part of the week and use a rent-per-hour office, so no permanent address.

    Question: For NYC SEO, do I start a completely new website, say BigDesignNYC.com or should I just do a landing page on my existing site, ie. BigDesign.com/NYC? Note: I can easily build another website, create lots of content, and manage.

    If I do landing page on existing Denver site: BigDesign.com/NYC:
    1. Will this dilute my Denver GMB and organic page rank ?
    2. Since it’s just landing page for NYC, will the NYC organic SEO be ineffective with NYC address, or can I do Other Business areas served as NYC?

    If I do a whole new site for NYC, i.e. BigDesignNYC.com:
    1. Will it be ineffective SEO because I don’t have a NYC address?
    2. Will it be ineffective because it’s a new site and better to capitalize on my original site using above /NYC landing page approach because of established status, history, backlinks, etc. ? thank you

    1. Andrew,

      There are mixed opinions on this but I have found that it’s hard to optimize a site for 2 different states and would suggest having a different site. You would not be eligible to have a GMB listing for NYC.

  20. Hey my company does training in other states we have an address and office for our home location but the rest of the places we do training have a physical address but they are all addresses we rent out or the people that own the building let us use only when we have classes. Do you have any idea how we could rank in Google for those locations? I know under the terms it says you can’t create a GMB account for locations like that. If I got permission to use the address from the people that own it can I use it as a location on GMB or is it Google that doesn’t like you doing that?

    1. This would be considered a meeting place which isn’t allowed on Maps unfortunately since you’d be operating out of another business. Google would tell you to use the events feature to have your classes listed as events at the actual place you use.

  21. Hi Joy, you touched on this in a previous comment, but was hoping you could provide some additional clarification.

    We have a franchise SAB scenario where two owners (a married couple) own multiple franchise locations from the same parent franchise company. They have two separate registered business entities, two distinct service areas, same home address, same phone number (mobile phone number but they could have two if required). Business invoices to customers carry the distinct registered business entity information (i.e. invoices are different business names).

    Can you confirm if 2 listings are acceptable with a unique Store ID for each owned franchise location with the same hidden home address.


    1. Hey Matt,

      Although you wouldn’t be breaking guidelines, the scenario is a recipe for disaster. You will likely have Google automatically merge or suspend them on a regular basis. I’d suggest finding another address that the one can use for their business. It might make sense to open a small office for the one.

  22. Hi Joy,

    I have a client who has 2 divisions for their real estate company: property management & rentals, and real estate sales. Each has its own website and unique URL, but both divisions share the same location and phone. I understand that creating two Google My Business is not allowed, but I can only list a single website. Do you have any recommendations for best practices to get both websites listed? Should we create a single landing page for both (with a selector to each site)? Or will this confuse the current SEO in place?

    Thank you,

    1. Hey Bret,

      I would try one website for 30 days and then switch it to the other and leave that up for 30 days. It should accomplish 2 things. First, you should be able to see which performed better and leave that one up long term. Second, you will get both sites associated with the entity. We did this for a client and still find that changes to the one site impact the ranking of the listing even though the listing is now linking to the second site.

  23. Hi Joy,

    I have a situation here. My client is a franchisee and deploys home inspectors in various states. They operate in multiple zipcodes and most times they are overlapping. We are trying to create GMB page for each Home Inspector. I wanted to know if it would be fine to create ‘Service Only’ listings under the Franchisor’s umbrella for each Home Inspector but operating in overlapping zipcodes.

    1. That’s a really grey area. I don’t think Google would allow the zip codes to overlap but I’d suggest you consult with them and see what they say.

  24. Hi Joy! I have a client who’s a Franchise like Servpro (which you mentioned) and before I worked with them, they had multiple GMB listings (19) – one for each service area in 2 different states (the company has 1 physical location per state but doesn’t receive customers there). Recently, all GMB listings have been suspended.

    From a SEO and GMB policy point of view, would you recommend having only 2 listings (with the 2 physical locations) but mentioning multiple service areas (each city they serve)? The company wants the SEO to work and appear when people from these areas search for services they provide.

    I personally think having 19 different listings may be redundant and violating GMB policies while not being effective in term of SEO – could you confirm?


    1. Hey Ju,

      So if each of the 19 locations have different franchise owners (like ServPro), they should be allowed if you can show Google that they are individually owned and operated. If they are simply employees’ houses, they are not allowed.

  25. No, it’s the same owner and are not using employee’s house for addresses. I would think this is why it got suspended – but I was wondering if having only 2 listings (2 physical locations) with all area served (all zip codes and cities) would be more beneficial and would not hurt the SEO and still appear within the users’ searches in the GMB pack – while being compliant with Google Policies?

    1. If they aren’t employee’s houses, what were they? Offices? Offices are allowed if they’re staffed and have signage. The only way they’ll rank in a local area (in the 3-pack) is by having a listing with an address there. This is part of the reason why the local results has so much spam :/ The service area you set in the GMB dashboard has no impact on where you rank.

  26. Understood; however, even if not in the 3-pack, would the user looking for a service in his area without mentioning it be able to find this SAP location (with user’s area matching one of the service area you set in the GMB dashboard)? That way, we respect the guidelines and still can be found easily.

  27. Hi Joy, I have a client that has two service area business that he is running out of his house. One is a gutter cleaning service and one is a demolition removal service. He has different business names, different websites, but the same phone number. The demolition service has a gmb that is all set up and running. The gutter service also has a live gmb that I requested access to. After I gained access to the listing it became suspended. Is this because I have two service area businesses under the same account? If that is the reason, do you think the suspension will go away if I reclaim it under a totally different account?

    1. Hey Jeffrey,

      You should be able to get it appealed if you can provide Google the evidence that they are licensed separately. I’d probably suggest showing them the Secretary of State registry for both.

  28. If I am a franchisee of a growing national service brand, with my own clearly defined service area,
    should I be claiming my own GMB listing (using my own address, since our service comes
    to the customer)? Or should I be letting the brand handle the GMB listing, with my defined
    service area – and my contact info – as one of their locations? Is there a cost/benefit to me as franchisee for either approach? The url I use for my business, by the way, is my dedicated location landing page on the main brand website, which has all of my contact info. Thanks for considering!

    1. Hey Zach,

      To avoid creating duplicates, I’d ask the brand to create it and add you as an owner on the listing.

  29. Hi Joy,
    Thanks for the article.
    We operate the a home service franchise on Vancouver Island with about 15 franchisees in 5 different cities/towns. We share the same call centre # and website.
    1. We should be set up as a service area, not a physical address, correct?
    2. Should we have only one listing with a service area covering the whole island, or 5 separate listings for each city?

    1. Hey Joe,
      If each franchise has a different owner and customers need to contact that specific location to get service, you might be allowed to have all 5. I would suggest contacting GMB and explaining your business model and they will be able to confirm.

  30. Thanks for the reply.
    Each franchise has a different owner, but all share the same central phone # (our call centre) and website…

    1. The shared phone number might cause you more trouble with Google My Business. I’d just start by contacting GMB support and see what they tell you.

  31. Ah GMB setup is a nightmare and it’s really hard to keep the listings alive. I’ve seen many many listings with same phone numbers and same website I wonder how are they doing that🤔. I tried a lot but always everything goes down

  32. Very informative article, thank you!

    One question I had is related to a local business that has multiple locations. Are you able to them have multiple Google MyBusiness listings? If so, do they each need to have a different phone number?

    1. They’re definitely allowed multiple listings if the locations are storefronts (customers come to the location). It’s usually best to have different phone numbers.

  33. We are an IT service company. We have different addresses for 4 cities. We want to do GMB listing for each city. But we don’t have separate landing pages for each city. Should I do GMB listing for all four cities with our main website? does it create any problem if we change homepage link to city-based landing page link once we create city-based pages?

    Also, can we use one google account and one common phone number?

    1. I would not use the same phone number on all 4 listings. I would also not suggest creating them if the addresses aren’t clearly listed on the website with photos of each location so that customers can find them.

  34. I have a client who has two different businesses in one location and people do go to them for separate services. Both entities have their own DBA. Can I include that in the same GMB or can I do a separate GMB?

    1. If they have 2 different business names, I’d list both in the business name field if it looks okay. Example: Brand 1 – Brand 2. If they are actually different businesses, they are allowed a listing per company. If they are both the same business, just different brands, you are only allowed 1.

  35. Hi,

    I am a real estate agent and I have a verified GMB listing that stated my agency’s physical address and my own website URL.

    Recently I created a 2nd GMB listing (with a different name) because I am right now marketing a new condo (newly launched building with many units to sell) in a different location. For my 2nd GMB listing, it has a different physical address, different phone number but the website URL points to the same domain as my 1st GMB listing.

    Both my listings got suspended one day after I verified the 2nd GMB listing (verified via postcard pin).

    Do you have any idea what I did wrong?

    Is it because the website that I entered for my 2nd GMB listing pointed to the same website domain of my 1st GMB listing?

    Thanks for your

    1. Hey Jack,
      The listing for the condo wouldn’t be allowed. I would suggest deleting that listing from your account so that you just have one for the agency and then file for reinstatement.

        1. Hey Jack,

          Google only allows businesses to have listings for locations that are staffed. Vacation rentals are also not allowed unless they have an onsite office that has a person working there during regular business hours. An apartment building with a landlord or rental office onsite can be mapped but a single condo in a building offered for rent/sale by the owner cannot be mapped.

  36. We are a traveling business. As a husband and wife team we travel across the country in our RV and work on other people’s RV’s either doing maintenance or repair work. Our official business address is in FL but we worked the last 4 months in NC and will work a month or so in IN, then make our way to AZ for the winter. We utilize the Thousand Trails system of RV parks as we travel and do not have official addresses in every state. How do we get google to recognize us as we move about the country?

    1. Hey Karen,

      Google My Business doesn’t support this business model, unfortunately. You would only be allowed one listing in Florida and wouldn’t be allowed to update the address since Google requires the address you use to be a permanent one.

    1. Hey Robert,

      Unfortunately the Google My Business guidelines only allows multiple listings if they are staffed locations. I know some service area businesses that have small offices in different cities with tons of exterior signs and have 1-2 staff work out of each location.

  37. Hi Joy,

    may i ask what if we have 2 locations around, one serving the west and one serving the east.. However, both businesses rely on the same website URL.

    Does that get us removed from GMB if we were to submit a 2nd business location on gMB?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hey Jean,

      If both addresses are residential, you aren’t allowed 2. Having 2 puts both listings at risk to be suspended. If they are staffed storefront locations, they would be allowed.

  38. Hi,
    I have a business that I am working with, they have two physical locations, Glendale, CA. and Modesto, CA. This is a commercial air conditioning contractor that covers 100% of California with employees. Am I able to get one GMB that will cover all of California? If I can what are the conditions? Can I use one of the two physical locations that they currently have along with an 800 number that covers all of California? Or is there some other way/condition that this can be done?

    1. Hey Michael,

      You are only allowed the 2 listings, both of which are only going to rank in the immediate area near that office. The farther a user is from your location, the lower you’ll rank (generally speaking). There isn’t a way to cover all of California with Google My Business as a strategy that stays within Google’s guidelines.

  39. Hi Joy, I have a client that has 3 different home services out of one location. I realize best practices is one GMB and list the different services under that, one being primary. However, now that they’ve rolled out the Request A Quote, which has industry specific questions, you have to wonder if it’s better to create 3 listings with the primary service. They are being fed questions unrelated to the service 2/3 of the time. What is your take on this. Example GMB: https://www.google.com/search?q=aaa+home+services&oq=aaa+home+services&aqs=chrome..69i57j0j69i60j69i65l3.6615j1j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

    1. Hi Steve, hope you don’t mind me chiming in while Joy is away. I still wouldn’t create multiple GMB’s. They will end-up suspended or marked as a duplicate. You bring up a valid point with the quote form though.

      1. Thanks Colan. It’s very frustrating because they need to give more consideration to secondary categories. Also potentially allow businesses to have more than one “primary”, if they are legitimate categories and services for that business.

  40. Thanks Colan. It’s very frustrating because they need to give more consideration to secondary categories. Also potentially allow businesses to have more than one “primary”, if they are legitimate categories and services for that business.

  41. I started out as a home based skin care service. Have very good Google ranking. Now I rented a room at the wellness clinic. So I cannot claim busyness address as it is already taken by the clinic. Also it is different City than my home business place. I am so scared to lose my good ranking and have no idea how to change my address on the website and Google. Please help.

    1. Hey Tatyana,

      For now I would suggest keeping it at your home address since there isn’t currently a good process to update the address on a service area business listing.

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