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How do you pick locations that need Service Area Pages?

Service area pages are a great tactic in local SEO. Recently, we have seen service area pages perform well for some of our clients more than others. For certain industries, such as lawyers, the pages that do not perform necessarily well, still can generate an ROI because one conversion in their world can lead to thousands of dollars in revenue.

If you are considering creating new service area pages for your business or a client, then you might be asking yourself how to figure out what pages to create and what locations to target.

How to Pick Locations for Service Area Pages

The best way to pick locations to create service area pages for is to use ads data if you have it. Ads data can help you see which cities get the highest number of conversions. Generally speaking, we have seen that targeting small cities works out better than larger cities. Typically, smaller cities have less competition, and are easier to rank for, which can result in more conversions.

What if I Don’t Have Ads Data

If you do not have ads data, then you can rely on tools like Places Scout which will help provide you with a deep analysis of your market, your competition, and untapped areas where your service is needed. You can track ranking on a grid for your most important keywords and see where you do not currently rank. Keep in mind that this tactic only applies to organic rankings – NOT local pack rankings.


Service area pages can also be a great way to guide strategy on where a client should open a new office.

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Colan Nielsen

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