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How to See Popular Times, Wait Times, & Visit Duration on your Google Business Profile

When it comes to helping customers plan their visits to your business, Google is looking to make it easier than ever to help set their expectations. They include useful info on your business profile like the best times to drop by, how long you might have to wait, and how long a typical customer visit lasts. This helpful data shows up right under your usual business details on Google Maps and Search.

Where Does This Info Come From?

Google compiles customer visit data using anonymous data from users who’ve given the thumbs-up to Google Location History. Basically, if your business gets enough visits from these friendly folks who are willing to share their location info with Google, Google is sharing that info with you and your customers.

Note: Google will display this info if they have enough data for your business, but you can’t manually add or edit it.

What’s Included In This Visit Data?

There’s a graph that shows how busy your business location typically is throughout an average day. It’s basically a physical traffic chart for your business hours. And that busy hour? It’s based on the most bustling times of the week for your business.

There’s also live visit data, the real-time scoop on how lively your physical location is at any given moment. You’ll see it right on the popularity graph. Imagine it as a spotlight showing you just how active things are in real-time compared to the norm.

Speaking of visits, there’s data on how long customers or visitors usually hang around at your business per visit as well. It’s based on an average of visits over the previous weeks.

Google also shares time estimates. They can give an idea of how long someone might need to twiddle their thumbs before getting assistance from your staff. It even highlights the longest typical wait times for each day of the week. Keep in mind, these wait time guesstimates are different for different types of businesses. For example, it shows approximately how long you can expect to wait before you snag a seat at a popular restaurant, or how long you’ll wait in line for help at your local tire shop.

Have you checked your business profile to see if Google is displaying your popular times? How about how long people typically spend at your business?

Let us know in the comments below.

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