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Google Adds Verbiage About Fixed Permanent Signage to GBP Support

Google just added this to the Guidelines: "Businesses showing their address on Google should maintain permanent fixed signage of their…

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Incentivizing Removal of Negative Reviews Against Google Guidelines

Google just updated their review guidelines to indicate that rewarding someone for the removal of a negative review is also…

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Google’s Helpful Content Update Finished Rolling Out

Google finishes up rolling out the announced Helpful Content Update on September 9 ,2022

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Brand Display Name for Q&A Answers Seems to be Fixed

Bug where managers & owners of a GBP couldn't answer Q&A as the brand seems to be resolved. Tested as…

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GBP Messaging Business Name Display Bug Fixed

The issue where an individuals name appears instead of the business name when replying to GBP messages appears to be…

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Sub-Reviews: Google Local Reviews By Category & Attribute

Google is asking some Google Local Guides to leave sub-reviews about a single business listing. So Google might ask the…

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COVID-related Health and Safety Attributes Removed from Google Business Profiles

Allie Margeson from Whitespark reports that Google has removed COVID attributes from front and back end of GBP

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Review Verification Message Now Displaying on Google Nest Hub

Google displays a large warning on the Google nest hub about reviews that appears after clicking "about ratings"

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Google Now Considers Google Posts With “Duplicate photos, posts, videos, and logos” To be Spam

Google just added a new line to their Google Posts help article in the section about "Avoid Spam" Duplicate photos,…

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Google Adds Asian Owned Business Attribute For Business Profiles

Google has added yet another business attribute for Google Business Profiles - Asian-owned businesses.

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Google Updates Help Center With Guidance On Blurry or Selfie-Style Photos

Google just updated their help center to advise users not to upload photos that are blurry or selfies.

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New Feature for Google Business Profile Messaging: FAQ

Create up to 10 FAQ - Questions can have a max of 40 characters - Answers can have a max…

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