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Apple Launches Apple Business Connect

Apple launches "Apple Business Connect" - a competitor to GBP for Apple's maps environment.

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GBP Deprecating Custom CTA and Price Ranges for Products 2/15/23

As of February 15th, you will no longer be able to specify price ranges or set custom calls to action…

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LSA Vertical Released for Dentists

Dentists can now run Local Service Ads in the US

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Google Links to Google Business Profiles in Discover

Spotted by Colan Nielsen, Google is linking to the GBP profiles of businesses mentioned in stories appearing in Google Discover

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Google Adds Insights for Product Data

First spotted by Joey Abna on Twitter, Google has added insights for Product Data.  Now showing up in the GBP…

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Google Adds “Add A Map To Your Website” Feature to NMX Dashboard

Google has added a new feature to the New Merchant Experience (NMX), which is the new in-search editing interface, that allows a…

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Google has added new attributes when posting a review

Spotted by a Local Search Forum member, you can now choose from attributes such as "how much did you spend…

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Google Launches +Topic Search Bar Refinements After Several Months Of Testing

Google rolling out new more dynamic search bar refinement option that adds keywords to the filters at the top under…

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GBP Can Notate Previous Location

Found by Khushal Bherwani and shared on Twitter & via Search Engine Roundtable - GBP New Merchant Experience editor can…

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Google Giving Timeframe for Suggested Edit Reviews

First time seeing messaging after making edits to a GBP where Google tells you down to the minute how long…

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Google Suggesting Service Areas for Your GBP

Google is suggesting service areas to add to your business profile. Via Anuj Thaker on Twitter

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Increase In Fake Ownership Requests

Beware of an increase in fake ownership requests in Google Business Profiles - via Ben Fisher & Barry Schwartz

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