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Google Local Business Panel: Chat With Live Agent

As part of its Google Business Profile messaging platform, Google has recently introduced "chat with live agent" buttons in select…

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10 New Healthcare Verticals Added To Google Local Service Ads (LSAs)

Google recently added ten new healthcare verticals to Local Service Ads in the US.

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Google Opening Local Knowledge Panels Directly In Serp

Spotted by Colan Nielsen, When clicking on a business in the local pack, Google open up their business profile panel…

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Google Summarizing the “% Positive” Review Attributes

Spotted by Colan Nielsen, Google summarizes the % of positive reviews that have a particular review attribute selected

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“Request A Quote” Feature Earns New Placement in GBP

Spotted by Joy Hawkins, The "Request A Quote" features has a new location in GBP as a button near the…

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Google Explore In Search Adds Local Results

When Google announced that Explore was rolling out, they focused on travel. But, I don't remember seeing something like this.…

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Job Type Selection Tool Available for More LSAs

Matt Casady spotted this new job types selection tool in Google Local Service Ads (LSAs). It's nice that you no…

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Google Local Review Filters Removed Many Legit Reviews, Google Restoring Reviews

Via Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable - Google has confirmed that its latest efforts to filter out local reviews against its…

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Google Adds Lead Booking to Legal-Related Categories in LSA

Book Now lead capture are now available for legal verticals on Google Local Service Ads (LSAs) previously they were only…

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Google Posts UGC Publishing Rules & Restrictions

Users can post on Google Business Pages creating a UGC element on a business' GBP Google outlined restrictions that can…

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Apple Launches Apple Business Connect

Apple launches "Apple Business Connect" - a competitor to GBP for Apple's maps environment.

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GBP Deprecating Custom CTA and Price Ranges for Products 2/15/23

As of February 15th, you will no longer be able to specify price ranges or set custom calls to action…

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