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Google Rolling Out More Graphic-Heavy Local Finder Results

Google seems to be rolling out the image-heavy Local Finder results to more industries.

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Google My Business Adds Branded Search Reporting to Insights

Google added a new metric in the local Insights report where you can see how many people search for your…

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Google Announces They are Shutting Down Google Plus

The inevitable has finally occurred.  Google announced yesterday, "We are shutting down Google+ for consumers."

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Google My Business Launches a Migration Tool for the Agency Dashboard

Google My Business has just announced that they are launching a migration tool to help organization migrate existing GMB accounts.

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Local Services Ads Add a Same-Day Service Option

As pointed out by Tom Waddington, some listings now allow you to add "Same-Day service" as an option in the…

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You can Now Manually Add the “Located In” Feature to a GMB Listing

Previously this could only be done by contacting Google My Business support.  Colan explains how there is a way now…

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Google Posts Move to the Bottom of the Knowledge Panel

Mike Blumenthal and Ben Fisher alerted me that they are noticing Google Posts are now showing up at the bottom…

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Advanced Verification Launches in Canada

Locksmiths in Canada are now required to pass Advanced Verification to run ads.  This is the first time Advanced Verification…

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Google Posts Now Support 1500 Characters

Google Posts content went from 300 to a max of 1,500 characters.

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Algorithm Update

This algorithm update seems to be tied to the Medic update in August.

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Google My Business Review Replies are Editable from the Knowledge Panel

It's now even easier to reply to reviews on Google My Business.  You can now reply directly from the Knowledge…

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September 8-11 Algorithm Update

On September 8-11, Google started rolling out another pretty significant algorithm update.  We've seen this as more of an "adjustment"…

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