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Google Local Services Adds Highlights & Photos

Google Local Services added options in the dashboard to add highlights to your ads along with photos.

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Google Now Shows Events on Search

Google has made it so that users in the USA searching for things like "events near me" will trigger a…

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Google Adds “Businesses Like Yours are Posting”

Google is slowly adding in a section in the Google My Business dashboard that shows you some example posts from…

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Google Now Notifies You When New Listings Go Live

Provided you don't have a bulk account or agency account, Google is now sending notifications when new listings go live…

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[Bug] Insights Download Issue

There were many reports of locations missing in Google My Business Insights when people download insights in bulk. The issue…

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Google Adds a “Call Button” to Google Posts

Google is now allowing you to add a “Call Now” button as the call-to-action on a Google Post.  Previously, it…

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Facebook Expands Options For Flagging Reviews

Facebook now has a new interface for flagging reviews.  Instead of just being able to report the review, you can…

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Google My Business “Queries” Are Added to Insights

Google has started to roll out a feature inside Google My Business Insights that tells you the top queries people…

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[Bug] Google Posts Getting Rejected

There was a bug at the end of June that rejected Google Posts that weren't violating any guidelines.  This has…

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GMB Launches Subjective Attributes in Insights

Google My Business launched a subjective attributes report inside the Insights section of Google My Business. These are attributes that…

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Google Launches Performance Cards in GMB Dashboard

Google adds a performance card to the homepage of the GMB dashboard that shows how many view, searches, and actions…

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Google Allows Brands to Claim their Knowledge Panel

Google has made it possible for brands to claim their knowledge panel.  I cannot help but notice that the photo…

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