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Google Announces They’re Launching a Google My Business Partners Program

To be alerted about when it launches, sign up here.

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[Bug] Google Reviews Go Missing from Profiles

This bug is now resolved but lasted for several days where reviews that a user left were not visible on…

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Posts Move to the Top of the Knowledge Panel on Mobile

As first noticed by Andy Simpson, Google Posts were given more visibility due to Google moving them to the top…

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Google Adds to Guidelines for Restricted Content

Google has updated the guidelines for restricted content such as alcohol, gambling & guns and added the following items: >…

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Bug: Review Notification Emails Broken

There is a bug with email notifications where clicking the "read review" button results in a 500 error and a…

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Review gating is now against the google my business guidelines

Google has updated the review guidelines to clarify that review-gating is not allowed.  They added the following to their guidelines: “Don’t…

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Google Updates the Guidelines for Events

Google has added a section to the guidelines that clarifies the policies for events on Google Maps.

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Google My Business Adds Services Field

This is similar to the menu feature that was launched in February but now applies to businesses that offer services. …

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Bug: Delay in GMB Edits Being Published

There is a bug that's causing a delay in edits from Google My Business from being published.  This means that…

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Google My Business Adds the Business Description Field

Google has now rolled out the business description feature for Google My Business.

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Google Starts Sending Email Notifications for Q&A

Google made an update to their notifications so that now businesses are notified via email when someone posts a question…

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Google Launches Product Posts

This new type of Google Post is designed to highlight your products and has its own tab on mobile.

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