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Restaurants Can Now Add Menu Items Directly in GMB

Now, in addition to using the GMB API or 3P menu service, listing owners will be able to showcase their…

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Add an Opening Date in Google My Business

Google starts prompting businesses to add the date their business opened via the Google My Business dashboard in search.

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Google Updated the Review Filter

This is a trend several of the Google My Business Top Contributors observed based on several threads where users lost…

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Driving Direction Requests by Zip Code in Google My Business

It's now possible to see where your users got driving direction requests from all the way down to the zip…

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Google Posts Now appear on Google My Business Websites

If you have created a Google Website via your Google My Business listing, your Google Posts now appear live in…

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Yelp Allows you to Add Users to Manage Your Business Account

You can now add other users to your listing without sharing your owner login.  

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Google Updates the Review Guidelines

Google changed the wording to clarified that both positive and negative reviews from an employee or competitor are against the…

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Videos Come to Google My Business

The option to upload videos to a Google My Business listing showed up in the Google My Business dashboard.

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