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Google My Business Adds the Business Description Field

Google has now rolled out the business description feature for Google My Business.

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Google Starts Sending Email Notifications for Q&A

Google made an update to their notifications so that now businesses are notified via email when someone posts a question…

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Google Launches Product Posts

This new type of Google Post is designed to highlight your products and has its own tab on mobile.

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Review Links Can No Longer Pre-Fill Five Stars

This tactic that used to allow you to send a link to customers that would have the 5-stars pre-filled no…

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Google Launches Location Groups to the New GMB Dashboard

With this feature you can create a location group that groups together a bunch of locations that you can share…

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Google Launches Secondary Updates to the Classic GMB Dashboard

Google announced yesterday that they have now split the "updates" to your listing so that you can view the more…

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Google Starts Removing Inactive G+ Local Pages

Google has started sending out emails to businesses that have not been active on Google Plus that state the pages…

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Bug: User Contributions Disappeared

All reviews and Questions and Answers from users disappeared.  This is a known bug that was fixed the same day…

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Changes to the Heatmap in GMB Insights

This update will better allow you to track which areas customers request all forms of directions from, at various zoom…

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Algorithm Update

On March 14, 2018 there was a big shift in the search results (both organic and local) which was a…

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Core Algorithm Update

There was an algorithm update that we're just calling the "March 9th algorithm update" that impacted both organic and local…

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Bug: Google My Business Insights Issue

According to Google: Due to a logging bug, you may see a drop for customer actions and direction requests for…

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