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Google Business Reviews Going Missing After Suggested Edits

Google Business Profiles and business listings reviews are going missing, dropping out completely, again, but this time it seems to…

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New Identity Attribute in GBP: LGBTQ+ Owned

Joy spotted a new identity attribute in GBP for LGBTQ+ owned. This is different than the one that says LGBTQ+…

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New Google Business Profile Web Search Menu Now Rolling Out

Google is forcing more GBP managers into the New Merchant Experience (NMX) search-based interface.

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Third Party Appointment Services Hijacking Google Local Business Profile Panels

Colan noticed a set of ZocDoc calls to action hijacking the GBP for a dentist that does not have a…

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“Available Online” Filter Now On Google Mobile 3-pack

While doing queries on the Google Chrome browser on mobile - Colan Nielsen found a new "Available Online" filter that…

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Google Adds More Reviews Guidelines

Colan received a notification that the "Prohibited User Content" page in the Maps Contributor Content Policy section of the Maps…

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Google Guidelines Update RE: Discouraging or Prohibiting Negative Reviews

Google publishes updates to review guidelines, "Discouraging or prohibiting negative reviews, or selectively soliciting positive reviews from customers."

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Google Adds Verbiage About Fixed Permanent Signage to GBP Support

Google just added this to the Guidelines: "Businesses showing their address on Google should maintain permanent fixed signage of their…

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Incentivizing Removal of Negative Reviews Against Google Guidelines

Google just updated their review guidelines to indicate that rewarding someone for the removal of a negative review is also…

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Google’s Helpful Content Update Finished Rolling Out

Google finishes up rolling out the announced Helpful Content Update on September 9 ,2022

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Brand Display Name for Q&A Answers Seems to be Fixed

Bug where managers & owners of a GBP couldn't answer Q&A as the brand seems to be resolved. Tested as…

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GBP Messaging Business Name Display Bug Fixed

The issue where an individuals name appears instead of the business name when replying to GBP messages appears to be…

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