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New “Messages” Notification in GMB Dashboard

Spotted by Claire Carlile and shared on Twitter. Google is testing a new "X Customers are waiting for your response"…

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Google Local Tests Purple Heart Label For Women Led Businesses

Saad AK and Colan Nielsen spotted this and shared on Twitter. New purple heart label for women-owned businesses

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Local 5-Pack Spotted

Is this a test? A glitch? Nobody knows. First spotted by Sterling Sky's Dave DiGregorio

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Google Starts Testing GMB Offer Posts as Justifications and Also Within Location Panels

Shared by Glenn Gabe on Twitter and spotted by Saijo George of tl;dr Marketing and Brodie Clark

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Google Adds “Identifies as Latino-owned” Attribute to GMB

Spotted by Colan Nielsen and shared on Twitter

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Google My Business Eliminates Site Manager Role

Joy shared on Twitter a screenshot from an official GMB email indicating the site manager role is being deprecated. Everyone…

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Google Posts Can Show Up on 3rd Party Websites

Spotted by Claire Carlile and written up by Barry Schwartz, Google has added verbiage that indicates Google Posts COULD show…

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Google Ads Language Support Attribute for Healthcare

Stefan Somborac spotted this new attribute for healthcare categories, now doctors, clinics, etc can provide information on all of the…

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Google Testing Review Count from Independent Sites

Brandon Schmidt from YDOP spotted a new label in some GMB listings listing the review count from independent (not Google)…

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Google Testing New 3-Pack View

SEO_Ron reports at the Local Search Forum that Google is testing a new layout for the 3-pack that excludes stars,…

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GMB Posting A “How is your business doing?” Message in Messaging Notifications

Colan Nielsen shared this image of a notification a business received from GMB Messaging. They seem to be polling to…

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GMB Testing “Areas Served” Label in Google Search

Barry Schwartz posts on this Ben Fisher find - seems to be a bonus for SABs?

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