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Average Review Showing On Maps for Restaurant Searches

Tim Capper spotted these average review bubbles showing on maps for review searches.

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GMB Messaging Now Showing Desktop Notifications

Claire Carlile showed a desktop notification of a GMB message coming through via GMB Messenger.

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Google Launches Small Business Advisors

Officially launched back in November 2020 - Google has expanded the availability of its small business advisors program

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GMB Deprecates Shortname Feature

Google has indicated that the Shortname feature within GMB is being deprecated. Existing shortnames will continue to work, but you…

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GMB Adds “New on Google” Label to GMB Listings

Dave DiGregorio spotted a "New On Google" label on a GMB listing that was newly made.

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Google Removes $1,000/day Minimum Spend for Branded Pins

Joy updated our previous post on the guidelines for branded pins. Now they 'recommend' a budget of $100 a day

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Businesses Can Hide Their Phone Numbers in GMB

Spotted by Stefan Somborac via Twitter. Businesses can hide their phone number if they prefer to direct people to website…

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Call History Showing for Some in GMB

Usama Ali shared an image on Twitter of a call history report in the GMB dashboard. Not visible to everyone…

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Bookings Tab Showing Up in GMB Insights Report

Sterling Sky's Colan Nielsen spotted the bookings tab in the GMB Insights report.

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“Let Google help your business” Options Appear Inside the GMB Dashboard

Colan noticed these "Let Google help your business" options inside the GMB dashboard. This is around the Google Assistant feature…

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GMB Adds New User Flow For Contacting Support

Francastrokw spotted a new assistive user flow in GMB support that asks you to pick a client you're managing from…

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Google My Business Consolidates Food Ordering Fields on New Tab

Krystal Taing shares info about addition of a new Food Ordering tab in the Google My Business dashboard

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