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Top 3 Issues with Video Verification

Video verification has become the mainstream verification method for Google Business Profiles (GBP).

In this article, we are covering the top three issues we see people running into with video verification and how to solve them.

No More Ways to Verify

An issue we have been seeing is that users attempt to do video verification, but it doesn’t work for one reason or another. They come back to try it again, and they see a message stating “No more ways to verify.”

If you see this message, the only path forward is to contact GBP Support. If you contact GBP support about this, they should be able to assist.  You can get in contact with them here:

You Don’t Want to Do Video and Want an Alternate Verification Option

Have you ever wondered how to request a different verification method for your Google Business Profile (GBP)?

Ready for the super secret hot tip? Here it is….it’s not possible!

If Google offers you the video verification method, you have to use that. In rare cases, you might be able to get help from GBP support. However, they will most likely try to get you to do the video verification anyway.

Video Won’t Upload

This is a fairly common issue. It was a much more common issue when Google first started rolling out the video verification option though.

If you experience this issue today, we suggest trying two things:

  1. We would try restarting your device first.
  2. If that doesn’t work, you can reach out to support and ask for manual verification:

So What?

Video verification is here to stay. Understanding how to navigate it and solve problems you run into is essential for business owners and marketers to understand.

One final point. Unfortunately, the GBP forum can’t help with verification issues. Lots of people are experiencing issues with uploading videos, but usually, if you reach out to support, they can process it for you manually. Have you already tried that? Let us know!

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Colan Nielsen

Colan started in the local SEO world back in 2010 and is also deemed a product expert by Google as a Top Contributor on the Google My Business Forum. He is a contributor to Moz’s famous Local Search Ranking Factors survey and is a former Google MapMaker Regional Lead. Read Colan's full bio here.

This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Have just been through this with a client. The video uploaded ok but the profile stayed unverified, I then raised it with support who wanted lots of business information uploading.

    It then got escalated and I was asked to go back to the profile and there was a new video option – talk live to support. My client did this as his business is based at his house.

    The profile is verified now but it seems like a lot of hassle unless they get the process streamlined!

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