Can I Turn Off GMB Features like Reviews?

Can I Turn Off Google My Business (GMB) Reviews?

We constantly see people ask Google My Business (GMB): Can I turn off reviews on my GMB listing?

In almost all cases, the answer is no. Unfortunately you will have to deal with the system Google has created.

Let’s explore some of these issues that would want someone to have reviews removed from their listing and how to deal with them as effectively as we can.

Sometimes Google shuts off reviews for certain business categories

Some GMB categories can have reviews turned off automatically.  These can include categories like schools or instructors.  Google is not always consistent in this matter. However, almost all other listings have reviews turned on by default.

Sometimes Google shuts off reviews for negative review attacks

If you are under a fake negative review attack, there might also be something additional you can do. It is possible to have Google My Business block the ability for new reviews to be left for a time period. I have only seen this when the following 2 things are both true:

  • You have a large number of negative reviews that have been left recently in a short time frame.
  • You have a scandal that’s been covered in the media or you have evidence (such as an email or text) that someone is threatening your business and claiming that they will leave you tons of negative reviews as a punishment for something.*

For example, this business was recently blasted with negative reviews due to a Facebook post that went viral.  Currently, reviews are disabled on their profile so users are not able to leave a new review.

Although the review count has not updated yet (it still says 81), there are only 3 reviews live on the listing and the button to leave a new review is missing.

What if my professional organization has guidelines about publicly displayed reviews?

There are also professions that may want reviews turned off to help protect their clients, or because their licensing requires them to not solicit reviews. Therapists and psychiatrists may want to disable reviews to protect patients’ confidentiality, especially if they are dealing with mentally unstable individuals for ethical grounds.

American Psychological Association specifically prohibits members from asking for reviews. Doctors may feel more comfortable if review capability was turned off completely just to be safe.

Unfortunately Google does not make exceptions for these types of situations.


How to get a Google review removed

Please note that a review will only be removed if it breaks one of the guidelines listed.

Google My Business opts out of taking responsibility by stating:

“Google doesn’t get involved when merchants and customers disagree about facts, since there’s no reliable way to discern who’s right about a particular customer experience”

What you see as an obvious fake review may not break a GMB guidelines and will not be removed.

First step would be to flag the review(s) for removal through your account.

After that you would need to contact Google support to further your case.

If you are having trouble with a Google feature and need help, there are SEO experts available in the Local Search Forum that may be able to guide you.



*Section was taken from the Expert’s Guide to Local SEO

8 replies on "Can I Turn Off Google My Business (GMB) Reviews?"

  1. While Roman Stone Works is a great example of a business getting trashed for going viral, there are lots of businesses that garner this type of attention. Sometimes it can as simple as a social media post complaining about a company and asking for the business to be trashed with fake reviews. Don’t think just because you are not receiving 100’s of negative reviews, that you don’t have options, because you do.

    1. Agreed! I think I said “large number of reviews” because there isn’t a set standard per say. I’ve seen Google block reviews on listings that definitely weren’t getting 100s.

  2. I have a life insurance/financial planner company (with multiple agents) who is reluctant to have me do anything with GMB because they don’t want any of the agents to ask for or get reviews. Meanwhile, select GMB listings are getting setup anyway, mostly by Google. However, the business owner has no control over them. Any way to get “reviews” turned off for this type of business?

  3. How is it possible for SE’s like Google and Yelp to allow defamation of character and obvious slanderous reviews to be blasted on the internet with no consequences by anonymous reviewers and make the small business suffer like this? If my name is to be trashed. I deserve the right to at least know who is doing it and also be allowed to go anonymous as a business as well. This is a very bad system here. Very unfair for those of us who have been victim to personal attacks from people who are vindictive and have personal issues with a business owner, stalkers, and those seeking to blackmail you.

  4. This flag option is useless i can say from my own experience. This doesn’t work at all.

    This is very shitty mechanics of google. Why don’t they take it seriously?

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