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Website Ownership: The Key to Financial Security, Control, and Freedom

Just like owning your home or car has its advantages, so does owning your website. If you think about it, there are very few online assets that your business has ownership over. Your Google Business Profile? Nope, Google can take that away at any moment. Your Facebook page? Nope, Facebook can take that away at a moment’s notice.

On the other hand, if you purchase your domain and set up your business website, that belongs to you. However, if you let someone else own your website you sacrifice your most important online asset.

Here are three reasons why you should never let someone else own your website.

Financial Security

You’ve invested a lot of time and money into SEO and website content. If someone else owns your site, they can suddenly increase prices and you’re stuck paying them. If you decide you no longer want to pay them, that can be a major expense you were not expecting to pay (paying someone to build you a new website). Owning your site makes things a lot more predictable.

Flexibility & Control

When you own your website, you have full control. YOU decide what goes on it, when, and how. You want to add content? Go for it. You want to change a side bar? Yours for the taking. And even if you don’t want to do those things yourself, you can choose your own developer and are not left at the mercy of customer support.

You Can’t Be Held Hostage

When someone else owns the site, they can hold you hostage if you try to leave. Not all SEO companies let you own the content they create for you. Some website companies might demand money for you to take your website elsewhere. Some companies will say you don’t own the content, so moving away from them means writing hours of content. Even if you do own the content, you’re still going to have to pay someone to move the site.

Just like owning a car or house may mean that you are paying a little bit more in the beginning, in the end, you will own something of value – the same goes for your website. Owning your own website means you own the content and you have more control over something that is extremely important to you as a business owner.

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