Top Contributors are individuals that Google has recognized as experts on particular topics on their forums. According to Google, “Top Contributors are the most active and knowledgeable people you’ll find in Google’s Help Forums. Globally, they help millions of people get their questions answered and keep the forums humming with interesting discussions.”

Joy has been a Google My Business Top Contributor since 2012 and Colan joined her in 2014. Volunteering on Google’s forums has been a hobby of ours and one we find really enjoyable. As Top Contributors, we are not employed by Google but get the benefits of being able to interact directly with the Google Employees that oversee the Google My Business Forum.  We have the honor of being flown out to Google’s head office several times to the Top Contributors Summit they host bi-annually. Joy’s personal highlight of the trip was getting to meet Matt Cutts.

Search Engine Journal wrote an awesome article on what it means to be a Top Contributor.  Here is a list of the Google My Business Top Contributors. Here is Joy’s profile on the Google My Business Forum.