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I have to say, your help in the Denver area has paid off CONSIDERABLY! 931 website visits and 370…read more

I was referred to Sterling Sky by Marie Haynes and I have had fantastic experience! They have helped me…read more

Joy Hawkins is one of the most knowledgeable local search practitioners in the industry. She understands how to research,…read more

In the past 10 years we've worked with many SEO companies to improve our web presence, organic positioning, and…read more

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How Much Does Review Recency Impact Google Local Pack Rankings [Case Study]

Everyone wants to know what the key is to ranking well on Google.  There are many theories about reviews…

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Listing Your Google Business Profile Hours As Open 24/7 (Even When You’re Not)

We often get asked if it's ok to list your Google Business Profile (GBP) hours as 24/7 if you…

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Can Keyword Text from a Google Review Boost Your Local Map Pack Rankings?

Let's say you're a dentist and you want to rank in the local map pack for the term, "emergency…

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Does The Number Of Google Reviews Impact Ranking?

Are The Number of Google Reviews Hurting Your Businesses Local Ranking? [Case Study]

It's the age-old question, do Google reviews help ranking? The answer is yes, Google reviews help ranking - but…

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Why Does Google Require Re-verification of a Recently Verified Business Profile?

This question recently came up on the Local Search forum.  A user had recently verified a Google Business Profile…

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Service Area Page Performance

Can Service Area Pages With Duplicate or Similar Content Increase Traffic?

At our April LocalU event, I covered Shades Of Grey: Controversial Local SEO Tactics that Drive Results. I covered local SEO…

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Timeline of local SEO changes in 2022

Apple Launches Apple Business Connect

Apple launches "Apple Business Connect" - a competitor to GBP for Apple's maps environment.

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GBP Deprecating Custom CTA and Price Ranges for Products 2/15/23

As of February 15th, you will no longer be able to specify price ranges or set custom calls to action…

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LSA Vertical Released for Dentists

Dentists can now run Local Service Ads in the US

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Google Links to Google Business Profiles in Discover

Spotted by Colan Nielsen, Google is linking to the GBP profiles of businesses mentioned in stories appearing in Google Discover

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Google Adds Insights for Product Data

First spotted by Joey Abna on Twitter, Google has added insights for Product Data.  Now showing up in the GBP…

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Google Adds “Add A Map To Your Website” Feature to NMX Dashboard

Google has added a new feature to the New Merchant Experience (NMX), which is the new in-search editing interface, that allows a…

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