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Meet Our Team

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About The Sterling Sky Dream Team

Sterling Sky Inc was founded in 2017 by Joy Hawkins. Joy has been working in the SEO industry since 2006, and is considered a leader within the SEO community. The company has since grown to a team of over 35 employees, who own a wide range of skills: from GBP optimization, to technical SEO, to content writing, to link building, to website development – they basically do it all!

Some of Our Recent Work:

Our Team

Joy Hawkins

Joy Hawkins Owner/Founder

Colan Nielsen

Colan Nielsen VP of Local Search

Dave DiGregorio VP, Business Development

Richard Hawkins

Richard Hawkins Chief Technology Officer & Chief Capital Allocator

Josh Mallett

Josh Mallett Paid Search Analyst

Yan Gilbert

Yan Gilbert Sr. SEO Specialist & Analyst

Angela Bufo

Angela Bufo Paid Search Analyst

Becky Weller

Becky Weller Account Manager & Local SEO Analyst

Carrie Hill

Carrie Hill Local Search Analyst & Community Manager

Brian Barwig

Brian Barwig Local SEO Analyst & Account Manager

Sheron Chiwa

Sheron Chiwa Finance Manager

Krystal Prior

Krystal Prior Digital PR Specialist

David Weller

David Weller Content Writer & Local SEO Analyst

Elizabeth Rule

Elizabeth Rule Account Manager & Local SEO Analyst

Brandon Schmidt

Brandon Schmidt Local SEO Analyst & Account Manager

Chris Barnard

Chris Barnard Paid Search & Local SEO Analyst

Alicia Patil

Alicia Patil Local SEO Analyst & Account Manager

Lida Elias

Lida Elias People & Operations Manager

Maddie Hill

Maddie Hill Content Writer

Colleen DiGregorio

Colleen DiGregorio Executive Assistant

Andrea Berens

Andrea Berens Local SEO Analyst

Cat Gladwin

Cat Gladwin Local SEO Analyst

Sukhjit Singh Matharu

Sukhjit Matharu Local SEO Analyst & Account Manager

Ciara Crowder

Ciara Crowder Local SEO Analyst

Nikki Brown

Nikki Brown Local SEO Analyst & Account Manager

Michael Andrews

Michael Andrews Local SEO Analyst

Noah Learner

Noah Learner Director of Innovation

Ian Hammond

Ian Hammond Local SEO Analyst

JL Faverio, Web Developer

JL Faverio Web Developer

maggie pentz headshot

Maggie Pentz Administrative Assistant

Rocco About Us Page

Rocco De Palma Local SEO Analyst & Account Manager

Matt Casady

Matt Casady Local SEO Analyst & Account Manager

Celina Hendrickson

Celina Hendrickson Director of Digital PR

Justin Mosebach

Justin Mosebach Local SEO Analyst & Account Manager

Our Values

We Excel


In this fast-paced industry, we work hard to make sure we are at the forefront when it comes to comprehending any and all changes that will affect how your business is found online. With a commitment to providing the best knowledge and expertise in the industry, Sterling Sky has built a reputation of quality work produced at the highest standard.  We are proud to be the only company currently to employ multiple Google My Business Product Experts.

We Honor


At Sterling Sky, we know the importance of being able to put your company in the hands of another, and believing without a doubt that you will see positive outcomes. Respect and trust are key to having a successful working relationship with any company, and we pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted local search companies out there. We strive to always choose credible and ethical strategies to see your company succeed online and have a mission to honor God in all we do.

We Share


We believe in the power of community at Sterling Sky. We are committed to helping others within the local SEO community thrive, and choose to share our knowledge and expertise in a number of practical ways, such as the Local Search Forum, speaking engagements, one-on-one consultations, and our Expert’s Guide to Local SEO.

We Give


At Sterling Sky we feel how deeply important it is to offer support to those that are in need, both locally and globally. We are invested in giving back to society through numerous charitable efforts, including participating in the annual Ride For Refuge fundraising event, and supporting the Christian missions work of those helping human trafficking victims in Toronto, and Africa Arise, a SIM funded program that helps former child soldiers and victims of the Lords Resistance Army in Uganda.

Client Testimonials

Read about the experiences our clients have had with Sterling Sky.

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I was referred to Sterling Sky by Marie Haynes and I have had fantastic experience! They have helped me…read more

Joy Hawkins is one of the most knowledgeable local search practitioners in the industry. She understands how to research,…read more

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How to Know You’ve Found the Best Local SEO Company for You?

When searching for a Local SEO company it’s hard to know what one to choose. There are so many companies in the search results that it’s hard to know what one will be the best fit for your business.

This guide will help you find the best Local SEO company for your business.

What You’ll Need:

Time: 5 minutes
Equipment: Computer or Smartphone
Tools: Google Search
Cost: Free!

5 Easy Steps to Finding the Best Local SEO Company For You

Google Product Expert1: Google Product Experts

Are any members of their team a Google Product Expert? Google designated the title “Product Experts” to Google users who help with questions and troubleshooting on the Google My Business Community Forum. Meet the Google My Business Product Experts!

LocalU2: LocalU Faculty

Do they have any LocalU faculty on staff? Local University brings together some of the top minds in the local search space and teaches agencies and local businesses by hosting conferences and webinars. Meet the LocalU Faculty!

Local Search Forum3: Local Search Forum Owner

Are they active or an admin on any help forums? The Local Search Forum is a forum for search professionals, consultants, and business owners to learn about what’s going on in the Local SEO community. It’s also a place to help troubleshoot problems and help out other businesses. Learn more about the Local Search Forum!

Search Engine Land4: Search Engine Land Columnist

Are they a columnist on any highly regarded Local SEO journals or websites? Read some Local SEO articles on Search Engine Land and Moz!

Moz5: Moz Local Search Ranking Factor Study Contributor

Do they contribute to Moz’ Local Search Ranking Factor Study? Every few years Moz surveys top industry experts on what they believe to be the top ranking factors in Local Search.

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