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How to Use Images to Increase Leads [2 Local SEO Case Studies]

How to Use Images to Increase Leads

How to Use Images to Increase LeadsAlthough I find that the SEO community often obsesses about rankings on Google, we make it our mission here to focus on how to increase leads for clients.  Rankings are great, and it’s good to know that images can increase rankings, but I wanted to share a couple of case studies that show how images can actually increase leads as well.

Case 1: Adding Images for a Lawn Care Company

After seeing the success we had in swapping out one image for this lawn care company, we made it a priority to get images updated on a lot of their popular articles.

This resulted in an 80% increase in traffic from images according to Search Console year-over-year.

But what about conversions? When we checked Google Analytics and looked at the assisted conversions for articles on their blog (where we were focusing on images), we saw an increase of 20% more assisted conversions when comparing 2021 to 2020.

Case 2: Adding a Single Custom Image for a Dentist

In the second case study, we had a single image added to a page about cracked teeth for a dentist.

After adding the image to the page, we saw a lot more traffic:

When looking in Google Analytics, we saw 2 conversions (1 direct, one assisted) to that page over the course of 6 months after adding the image.  While 2 conversions might not sound like a lot, based on the price of this procedure, the estimated ROI was $17,000, which made us conclude that the time to make the image was well worth it.

We have been doing a lot of testing around images in the last year at Sterling Sky.  You can read about the tests we did on geotagging photos, how images impact ranking, and how to utilize cover photo you select in Google My Business.

This study along with several others about images was presented at the LocalU event in August 2021.  Videos of the presentation are available for purchase here.

Do you have a question or story about how you have seen images impact small businesses on Google? Tell us about it over at the Local Search Forum.

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  1. Very underrated subject this. I think the time it takes to find a good image is well worth it. And really, the real life view of the office, shop, people at work etc, really boosts views so that’s worth it too. For conversions, the before and after can work well. The whole point of media is usually image + caption + headline + story. If you treat it as a whole, and not an afterthought it’s a good way to instil discipline.

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