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Google Adds Guidelines for Events on Google Maps

Google has added a section to the guidelines that clarifies the policies for events on Google Maps.  The guidelines state that events are subject to the following guidelines:

  • Events should reflect the real world. That means they should be real, accurate, and occuring at the specified location.
  • Event titles should not promotional language, pricing information, or calls to action. Examples include: 50% off, buy here, $3 off.

Events on Google Maps show up in the Knowledge Panel and are controlled by adding the appropriate Event Schema on your website.

On a somewhat related note, there also is a bug currently on Google Maps for event URLs.  When you click on the event, it sends you to a redirect page instead of loading the actual URL.  This is the same error that happened last year with appointment URLs on Maps:

This error only happens if you are in Google Maps.  If you’re looking at the Knowledge Panel on Google search, it works just fine.  I’ve already alerted Google of the bug.


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